Saturday, May 01, 2004

Busy day today. 10am t-ball game at the Y for Dex. Gulp down a quick lunch at McD's before Jax's t-ball game at noon at a nearby school. Then home to get the house back into shape. We did a major weeding of the toy bins. And we put one of the toy bin holders in the boys' room. They are so excited to have toys in their room. I just hope they keep the room clean! The family room looks so much bigger too. And out into the garbage went most of the McD toys and other toys went into a donation and/or garage sale bag. I feel like going through the whole house now and pitching all the sh*t that we have accumulated.

I did not hear from Shelly at all while she was here so I guess we will not get a chance to meet. I think she is going home tomorrow but maybe it is Monday. Hmmm...maybe she will call tomorrow.

Nosey Neighbour's new roof was started this morning. The guys working on it worked 11 hours on it. They have tomorrow off but will be back on Monday.

I took the little red walking wagon that looks something like this(but not nearly as fancy) for Cars today and he laughed hysterically while "walking" back and forth in front of the house for almost 20 minutes. He loved it soooo much! Both Jax and Dex learned to walk with it too.

Jax loves to ride his bike really, really fast then slam on his brakes. He wore the tire out and ran over a small spiky thing then got a flat. I sent Stephen to the bike shop at 6:20pm on the off chance that they were open. Apparently they were not but they had forgotten to lock the door and when he walked in the employees were all startled. They did let him get what he needed (a new tire and tube) and even gave him the 20% off for their 10th Anniversary sale that ended today. lol

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
House next door had three offers within the first couple of hours. Two of the offers are from families here on H1B Visas so they are trying to get financing. I think both families are from India. I wonder if they work at the Evil Empire too. Looks like we will have new neighbours within a month or so. Hope they are nice. Hope they don't mind three really loud boys next door.

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