Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ok, so Cars has a "raging ear infection" according to the doctor. "Full of pus" she also said. Poor thing! So now he is on amoxicillan and should be feeling better by his second dose tomorrow morning.

Jax has a huge project for school. My mom is floored that a kindergartener has homework, let alone a project. Anyway, he has to study an animal and the project has to include the animal's name, info about its habitat and what it eats and needs to live. He has decided to study crocodiles and wants to create a diorama in a box since some keener kid has already done his and that is what he did. So far Jax has borrowed a book from the library and made a paper croc, rock, grass and some black/white crane-type bird that crocs seem to like (pictured in the book). We are using a big Costco-sized pampers box cut in 1/2...I guess he needs to paint the outside too.

My mom is driving me a little crazy already. She keeps wanting to do things for me like clean or tidy, etc but she tends to start things and then leaves them creating more work for me! She insisted on washing my kitchen cupboards because I mentioned I needed to scrub them but she only wiped them, didn't scrub them so I had to go back and do it again anyway.

She did stay up all night with Cars though and I actually got more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep!

Pressure is on Stephen to get the climber built by the time Dex's b-day party rolls around. Of course it is going to rain this weekend so I figure he will take a day off next week to work on it.

Stephen is also going to Minneapolis a conference in June. I am jealous. I'd love to go. I want to see DeniSe and meet Adrienne and see Katie's baby, Zane and see Beth. Maybe even see if I can meet Joe and Gary for lunch. I'd even call my very right-wing friend, Tace. Oh, plus meet Olu's wife, Ifiok and meet baby Babatunde! I miss Minneapolis. It is lovely in June. I'd love to see the locks on the Mississippi again and see the changes around our old condo. I do miss it there. *sigh*

Gladys Kravitz Watch
Our lawn is back to being the worst on the street again.

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