Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dex's First Moment
May 31, 2000

May 2005

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The whole family went to see Madagascar today. Geez, the total with ticket prices and popcorn/drinks for everyone we paid $54! And Cars got in free! That was the first time I had been to the movies with the kids in over 3 years. The last time we all went 1) Cars was not born (nor was I yet pregnant!) and 2) We saw Ice Age but had to leave early because Jax was scared at the loud noises. Stephen has taken the kids to see a few movies in the last year but it was a long time before Jax would go because he doesn't like how loud they are. Even today he was holding his head and I asked him what was wrong and he said it was LOUD. :(

Anyway, the movie was cute but I could have waited for the DVD.

Stephen installed the air-conditioner just in time for the weather to cool 25 degrees! Brrrr! My feet have been cold all day.

Friday, May 27, 2005

I washed that grey right out of my hair, thanks to L'Oreal Couleur Experte 6.0. I missed a few strands at the temples...again. I was examining my hair very closely before I coloured it and the right side of my head is completely grey but the left side is more salt and pepper. Weird!

Today was hot and the kiddie pool did not have as big of a whole in it as I thought so I was able to fill it up for the kids to splash in for a while. Cars had a great time screaming "BAH! BAH!" (translation: "BATH! BATH!"). The water heated up very quickly and it sure did feel like a bath.

For this Memorial Day Weekend we have planned NOTHING. Well, not entirely true. I have insisted that we buy a new grill because once again I almost singed off my eyebrows trying to light the damn thing and the burgers I cooked yesterday were all ready at different times. So the grill is coming out of the Maybe-We'll-Go-To-Toronto trip fund.

Oh, and I do have some sewing to do this weekend and I have to iron on the "SURVIVOR - OURCITYNAME" transfers onto the buffs (more like bandanas) for Dex's party next weekend. I bought some tiki torches (99 cents after rebate at Ace. Oh and I was so glad I went to Ace because I found 3 PEZ dispensers that I did not have - Simba, Nala and Timon from "The Lion King". I had Pumba already - thanks to a friend in Australia! :)

Speaking of PEZ, JP called me the other day and he found the newest "Star Wars" PEZ for me and picked them up for me. Apparently there is this great store in Vancouver that always has the latest and greatest PEZ. He picked me up "The Incredibles" PEZ before they were available here (both the masked and unmasked <-not sold in the USA). Gotta love that brother of mine!

Oh, I just found out that there are Madagascar PEZ and I am still missing Mufasa from "The Lion King"!

And just when you think "Could she talk about PEZ anymore?"...the answer is yes! There are now "Star Wars" Giant PEZ which dispense packettes of PEZ candy rather than just individual pieces. They are so cool! I hope to buy one sometime - maybe the R2D2 or Darth Vader because they look the best.

And one last PEZ note...they are coming out with a PEZ MP3 player. You can go here to be put on the mailing list for when they become available.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

No school for Jax tomorrow (4 day weekend) so we get to sleep in. Actually, I know the kids will be up at the crack of dawn but we don't have to rush around so that is almost like sleeping in, right?

Remember last month I wrote that to reduce stress, I have decided to buy things online and stop running around? Well, have been shopping! I bought myself these pants and this shirt:

except the shirt is in white - oh and a lot bigger. (I do so love the coupon code I got to use though - $25 off a $50 purchase!).

Then I ordered some sapphire sheets from The Company Store. Again, love those sale items with a coupon code!

Next, I ordered Dex's birthday present:

As if we don't have enough Imaginext and Pirate stuff around.

Finally, I ordered The Original Chocolate Factory:

I also had a shopping bagful of clothes for the kids at Gymboree but realized the insanity and closed my browser before I was tempted further.

Oh, the dryer buzzer just sounded. Off to take my new sheets upstairs to put on the bed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Yesterday, I found out from an allergy forum I go to (WA-FEAST) that Safeway brand Dimetapp contains PEANUTS! (A mom had given it to her peanut-allergic dd who ended up with swollen eyes). So does the Safeway brand Tussin DM (Robitussin) (coconuts and nuts but the manufacturer was not able to verify what type of nuts until they hear back from a supplier). And Safeway brand Children's Ibuprofen (orange) DOES have nuts! This is ridiculous! I cannot believe that they can make these medications with a major food allergen and not list it on the label! And not only that, the new label law that goes into effect in January 2006 only covers food and NOT medicines!

So, I had to throw out the cough medicine I recntly bought for Dex's cough just in case we accidentally give it to Jax. And I will never buy orange or grape flavoured meds for them again.

Just when I think we have a handle on this allergy...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dex's cough is getting a little better. He has developed a little throat clearing though and that is almost as loud and annoying as the cough. I hope it all clears up soon.

Jax finished his Movies By Kids class today. He won't actually get a copy of the movie for a week or so. I cannot wait to see how it turned out. He worked in a group of 4 other kids. He loved the class and wants to take it again next year.

Jax is going on a field trip tomorrow to a local slough. What is a slough, you ask? And just how do you pronounce slough? A slough is wetlands or swamp and here it is pronounced "slew" although I believe the correct pronunciation rhymes with "plough". The slough looks really interesting and I would love to go but once again, another field trip with no siblings allowed. I could of course just go there and walk around since it is just a public park but I won't. I think I will arrange a trip there this summer as part of our "Summer'o'Fun 2005".

I am still plugging along with the baby sweater. I am almost ready to start decreasing and shaping the shoulders. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Friday, May 20, 2005

The weekend is here so things are looking up.

Today I met my friend Lori and her dh and oldest son at the Seattle Aquarium. She flew into town last night and were driving out this afternoon to a wedding in North Eastern WA. It was great to see her. We used to work together at IBM. She, DeniSe and I would have lunch together. We had all started there within a few months of each other and we all did basically the same job but for different managers before we all were moved to new jobs (no more secretaries, excuse me, "Information Specialists" for the managers!). Then we were all trained for IT positions and became computer whizzes. I left in Nov '93 to move to Minnesota. Lori left in Feb '94 when she got married and moved to the Mennonite country outside of Kitchener. DeniSe stuck it out the longest and left in Mar '95 when she moved to...Minnesota too! Hard to imagine we three career women are all SAHM's now.

Anyway, it was great seeing her. It has hard to believe it had been 7 years since I had last seen her - she looks so pretty and still so young!

Dex went back to the doctor today because his cough is getting worse. Doc says he has a sinus infection and he is not sure about what is going on with the cough. Could be the infection is draining slightly. So he is now on antibiotics. If it gets worse still we are to go back. If it is not cleared up in 10 days we are to go back. In any event, he needs to stay on Zyrtec for a while.

I played "Fenopoly" (Dex's pronunciation) today with Jax and Dex. Dex never buys any properties because he wants to have the most money. Jax buys everything and then cannot afford to pay rent or taxes. Then he threw doubles three times and you would think I was sending him to an actual jail the way he acted. They want to continue the game tomorrow. God grant me patience.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Book club tonight. We had a good discussion about "Life of Pi". I find it so interesting to hear other people's opinions about a book or how they understand it to mean something different. Some did not find it as humourous as it was billed (where I LOL'd in places others were only mildly amused). And no one could really decide if the better story is the true one or not.

Next month: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.

I did have a better day after my rotten day. Today was good too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Monday, May 16, 2005

Today, Cars said "Thank you" for the first time without me prompting him. I handed him a toy he wanted and he said "Day Doo" and wandered off with it. This little boy continues to amaze me.

Jax told us a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to work for Microsoft in the xbox division when he grows up (after he has finished making movies like George Lucas). On the weekend we had to stop by the xbox building to pick something up. We walked in the building, picked up the item, spent a few minutes looking at all the games in the lobby. As we were walking out Jax stopped and took a wide look around and then with awe in his voice he said "This is where I am going to work when I grow up". It was such a magical moment for him. I loved it!

It was six years ago this past week that I became a stay-at-home mom. It was supposed to be temporary, just until we got settled after our upcoming move to WA. It wasn't until I was very pregnant with Dex one year later that we decided to make it permanent. Or at least until the kids were in school full-time. That's four years from now...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Forgot to mention that my re-pap earlier this month came back normal. ~whew~ I will have another one in December and if that one is normal I am back to an annual schedule.

If you are behind on your pap - schedule one now!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Knit One, Purl Two

I have picked up my knitting again. DeniSe is having a baby in October (please let it be a boy because I am knitting a little baby jacket in baby blue). This is how much I have knit so far.

Ok, so who can spot my mistake? I thought it was not that noticeable so I decided just to leave it. Now it is very glaring! Maybe I won't even finish this... Ok, but I am determined to finish it since I never did finish the baby blanket I started making for Adrienne who is now three. Anyway, if DeniSe has a girl, I will just girlie-up this sweather with some fancy ribbon ties or pretty buttons.

My next project is going to be this (but in a different colour). I am very excited about it! (so excited that I want to ditch the baby sweater!).

Friday, May 13, 2005

Dex has allergies. I knew it was just a matter of time before he had an official diagnosis. No food allergies (that we know of) thankfully but it seems he is probably allergic to grass. He has been coughing and sneezing like crazy so off to the ped we went and she said allergies so he too is now on Zyrtec too.

While I had Dex at the doctor I figured I would get Cars his 18 month shots that he was 3 months behind on (he had a bad cold when he went for his 18 month appt so we put off the shots). Dex watched intently while Cars had his three shots and by the end Dex was shaking. Then the nurse said to him "We'll see you at the end of the month for your 5 year appointment". Dex remembers all too well that Jax had shots at his 5 year appointment. He started tearing up and announced that he was never coming back to the doctor. I think I will let Stephen take him in for that appointment!

Dex has been such a pip lately. He shouts when he talks (I barely remember when he couldn't talk?!). In his not so soft voice, while we were walking up for communion, he demanded to know how old he had to be to get chips like the rest of us. When I just shook my head at him to shush he said "TELL ME! WHEN DO I GET CHIPS TOO?!"

At the grocery store:
Me (shushing him): No, of course not.

At baseball practice while the coach was playing Simon says with the kids and let Dex be Simon:
Coach: No it isn't Declan.

He reminds me so much of David from the book No, David! by David Shannon. LOL

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I finished "Life of Pi" yesterday. I found it very interesting and I cannot wait until book club to discuss it (phooey that the meeting has been moved to next Thursday). I saw on www.imdb.com that there is to be a movie made of the book and the director is Alfonso CuarĂ³n (he directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban") so I am sure it will be a good movie.

I went grocery shopping today - we needed so many staples. I had over $20 in coupons (both store and manufacturer). So much for not clipping coupons, eh? lol Most were from the Fred Meyer Sunday ad (loss leader stuff) and others were for free things like FREE PINT of BEN & JERRY's (it was on sale so that was $2.50) and FREE TRIDENT (on sale too - $0.79) and FREE CELESTIAL SEASONINGS TEA ($3.59).

Now I need to figure out a time to get to Costco to get veggies, meat and bottled water.

I rearranged the living room and family room yesterday. Rearranging the family room really opened it up more and I love how it feels. Now if I can only get a handle on the clutter.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Today was one of the days that are so wonderful for being nothing special. Stephen took the kids out for breakfast this morning then to buy a mother's day present for me. Then Dex had a t-ball game early in the afternoon. Afterwards we stopped at the local bike shop to buy new helmets for Dex and Jax. Stephen just happened to notice this cool shoes on clearance that were just his size. Serendipity.

Then the boys and I spent the rest of the afternoon outside, playing hockey, golf, watching them ride bikes and scooter. Then Jax and Dex spent almost an hour running up and down the street making kites fly. DingDong girl came by too for an hour and I didn't even mind except when we were standing in front of her house and she told me to go home and get her some water because she was thirsty. I reminded her that we were right in front of her house so she could run right in but she decided she really did not need the water (I think she didn't want to risk being told it was time to come in). lol

After dinner I pulled weeds from the garden while the kids played on the climber. I even climbed up too so I could take a good look around from the Gladys Kravitz perch.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am having a bacon and tomato sandwich for breakfast. I can't stop thinking about it. Mmmm...

Friday, May 06, 2005

Thanks to everyone for the advice about dealing with my copy cat friend. I know I need to say something so I am just going to wait until the right moment when I can bring it up easily. Geez, I hate confrontation!

Forty minutes after dropping Jax off at school today I received a call on my cell phone that he was in the office covered in hives again! I had just given him Zyrtec before school (because I forgot to give it to him Thursday night- Survivor was on!) so it seems it had not yet kicked in when he was exposed to whatever allergen (I am still thinking grass). It was a half-day of school so I told the secretary I would just come and pick him up (it was not 9am yet) and take him home.

When I arrived at the school (I had been shopping for CONDITIONER at Fred Meyer and had to leave without buying it), Jax's hives were mostly gone (Zyrtec kicked in) but I took him home anyway and dropped him off with Nanny so I could go back out and buy some damned CONDITIONER.

Anyway, I hope he doesn't break out tomorrow. I will give him Zyrtec again in the morning but I need to get back onto an evening dosing schedule because it makes him sleepy.

And speaking of sleepy, it is late here and I must get my beauty rest.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Add another copy cat...

She bought the same bathroom faucet that we just had installed in our masterbath. Unbelievable! When I saw it sitting in her house today I saw red. And I think I have realized what is bothering me so much about it. I do things, then she copies me, shows everyone and takes all of the credit, glory, kudos, etc. So this new faucet will be in the bathroom where everyone coming to her house can see it and admire it and she can revel in it all but meanwhile it was one that I had painstakingly picked out, found the best deal on etc. Not that I need the reassurance but it has happened with everything. Geez, I gotta say something to her! I hate confrontation.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Yesterday, Jax came home from baseball practice covered in hives. Huge big welts everywhere! Stephen shrugged it off and said it hadn't looked that bad so he had not brought him home earlier. His lips were not swollen and his tongue looked fine. I am certain it is just from grass (and not from peanuts) so I gave him Benadryl and sent him to shower then to bed.

He was hive-free this morning. I was going to give him some Zyrtec but since it makes him drowsy I decided to wait until tonight. I received a call from the school shortly after 1pm telling me that Jax was covered in hives and asking if I could come in and give him some Benadryl. I rushed over there and found him sitting all forlorn in the health office. I gave him the Benadryl and he said he wanted to go back to class so I walked him to his classroom. I told his teacher that he was fine and wanted to stay.

I know in the whole scheme of things, allergies are not that bad (he could have some serious illness). But kids do not like to be different. Jax was not concerned that he was covered in hives. It was the fact that another kid in his class noticed and made a big deal about it. Jax just calmly walked over to his teacher and said "I need to go to the office to get some Benadryl".

~~ MINI RANT HERE ~~ WTF do they not have anyone at the school to administer his meds? Aaargh! They have a bottle of Benadryl (plus his epi-pen) and two letters from the allergist explaining when and how much to dose. Grrr! /MINI RANT

And since I am on the topic of allergies, I found out at our last book club that one of the other mom's also has a peanut-allergic child. However, Peanut Mom has decided not to keep a peanut-free house because "My daughter needs to live in the real world". (Oh and that giving up peanut butter would be so hard on her). My eyes probably popped out of my head when she said that. I completely understand that yes, children do need to learn to live with and manage their allergy out in the "real world" but I feel it is important for me that my son feel safe in his own home. Anyway, I just shrugged Peanut Mom off as an allergy whack and I knew that we would never have playdates so what she chooses to do is her problem. I was not preachy but I was confident and firm with my position.

Another book club friend, T, called me up today and told me that Peanut Mom was considering not coming to book club anymore because of our differences and she thinks she offended me. WTF? T had missed book club so she could not really comment so I called another book club friend and asked her if I gave the impression that I was angry with Peanut Mom. My friend, who I know would be completely straight with me, told me no but she thought that Peanut Mom was a whack too for keeping peanut butter around (my friend also deals with food allergies in her family but not peanuts).

So I decided that I had better call up Peanut Mom.

Me: Hello Peanut Mom
Peanut Mom: Hello Pez
Me: Peanut Mom, T told me that you were considering not coming to bookclub anymore because you think you offended me.
PM: Yes, I thought what I said bothered you and I thought you became defensive.
Me: DID NOT! (kidding here I really said):
I don't know why you got that impression. I know you have one view on the issue and I have another. I don't think that means that we cannot be in the same book club.
PM: I just don't want my presence to make you uncomfortable at book club.
Me: We just have a different view about dealing with this food allergy. While I admit I do not agree with or understand your view (I inserted a small chuckle here to let her know that I was not a complete bitch), it is not something that should be an issue at our book club unless you don't respect my peanut-free household and bring peanuts to my home.
PM: I had another friend who had a peanut allergic child and our friendship was lost over our different views. (<--so this was the real issue)
Me: I am sorry that happened to you.
PM: Thank you. I just did not want to feel I could not state my opinions and make you uncomfortable.

So then the conversation basically ended there and I think things are ok with us. At least I don't have a problem with her as long as she doesn't mention peanuts and "real world" again! lol

Monday, May 02, 2005

Crowning Glory

I bought a new type of conditioner for my hair the other day because I ran out of my current favourite (L'Oreal Vive). I was shopping at Safeway so the selection was limited and since Vive was not on sale, I would not buy it. I finally decided on a bottle of Suave because 1) I am frugal and 2) the bottle claimed "SPECIAL HUMECTANT FORMULA replenishes vital moisture as well as Nexxus®". I gave it a try yesterday morning and I hated how it felt in my hair. I was thinking how dry it made my hair feel - gross! Then when I was combing my hair, it was so tangled. I was so mad that I had spend good money (but not much money!) on this shit. While I was drying my hair I composed an indignant letter to Suave in my head. What a crappy product! And I will *never* buy Nexxus brand either!

I made a mental note to myself to buy more conditioner when I went out later. There is where the problem lay...the mental note. I lost it. I should have pinned it to my shirt because this morning as I was stepping into the shower I realized I had no friggin conditioner except the Suave with "SPECIAL HUMECTANT FORMULA replenishes vital moisture as well as Nexxus®". Damn! I figured some was better than none and as I was just about to apply it to my head I noticed the tiny little word that I had apparently failed to notice when I bought it...SHAMPOO.

Ok, so apparently if you apply SHAMPOO to your hair as you would CONDITIONER it will not actually condition, detangle, moisturize, etc your hair. I know this. I am forty years old. I have it figured out. I of course did not figure that I would not actually READ the bottle (why the frig were the SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER bottles identical? Why didn't I just buy the brand I normally buy? Why did I go shopping with three children?

Now I am faced with the problem that yet again today, I have forgotten to go to the store to buy CONDITIONER. I might be able to squeeze in a quick trip on the way to my Crazy Doctor appointment this afternoon. All because I am too damn cheap (it is not frugality when you buy the wrong stuff and it ends up being SHITTY).