Saturday, April 30, 2005

In an attempt to simplify my life I have done the following:

* Milk delivery - 1.5 gallons/week delivered every Tuesday morning. The milk is not organic (they farm does not grow its own feed so they cannot be labeled organic) but it is rBST-free and only 1.94/half gallon! About $0.50 cheaper than regular milk at the stores (and $1.50 cheaper than organic milk).

* I stopped clipping coupons. I would always forget them at home then curse myself when I was shopping and refuse to buy the item figuring I would come back later with the coupon. Except I would inevitably need the item before I could make it back to the store so I would have to rush out and buy it (again without the damn coupon!).

* Buying online - I haven't the time nor inclination to run about anymore to get the best buy. The price of gas and dragging one, two or three unwilling children is killing me. My latest purchases were a tea kettle at (which went back to the store) and a 4-slice toaster (Stephen's request). I found a code with 10% off and combined with free shipping on the kettle, which could be (and was) returned to the store, it was much easier than rushing about IRL.

* I haven't done this yet but I am searching for THE perfect backpack purse and I will retire the diaper bag. This is because I was forever switching my wallet, phone, checkbook and coupons (HA! NO MORE!) back and forth from my purse to the diaper bag and back again. Inevitably, I would forget my phone (but mostly the coupons) so I have decided I will find a backpack purse with room for 2 diapers, some wipes and the epi-pens. The only issue will be keeping the diaper bag stocked for the times when Stephen takes the kids out. Maybe I need to buy another epi-pen holder (online of course!).

So there you have it. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. (or WHACK! as some good friends say - you know who you are).

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I bought a pretty pair of sandals yesterday at Mervyn's One Day Sale.

(Ignore the talon-like toes and sloppy nail polish)

I thought they were so pretty and hey, they were only $7 (Half price flip-flops - One Day Only!).

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The rocket party went well despite the fact that Stephen bought engines that were too powerful and the parachute strings burnt and the plastic parachutes melted. But Jax had a great time.

Stephen has been working crazy hours lately because the Evil Empire is previewing Longhorn this week. Stephen needs to be handy to listen to feed back on their work (making certain aspects of the product user-friendly.

I paid bills today (boo) but managed to pay off my birthday present, my Vegas trip and the friggin car repair (CHANGE YOUR OIL REGULARLY!) without touching our income tax return. Can't say that our savings is intact though (and thank God the bathroom came in under budget).

Shoot! Just realized that I forget to send DeniSe a b-day present. Off to browse

Saturday, April 23, 2005

When Stephen gets a bee in his bonnet about something he never gives up. Tomorrow is Jax's b-day party and we decided to buy the kids rockets and shoot them off in the park. We spent 30 minutes in the hobby store while Stephen checked every since rocket out before buying 5. When he got home he realized there were no parachutes, just a streamer that falls down. So he left over an hour ago to go back to the store. There were no parachute rockets (well there was 1 and we need more than that) so he returned what he had (for store credit- arrgh!) and he is on his way to Michael's to see if they have what he wants. Meanwhie, he was supposed to be home by now with dinner but he is 40 minutes away. No doubt he will call any moment to tell me they do not have what he wants and he'll be off looking in some other craft or hobby store.

Ah, there he is now...brb phone


He of course cannot find 5 of the same so I told him to buy a variety of them and it will just be "first come, first serve". I hope the kids don't fight about it. What am I saying?! Of course they will.

Off to bathe the kids while we wait for dinner...

Friday, April 22, 2005

This picture was taken at the airport as soon as I arrived in Las Vegas.
Ramona, Pez, Leah Ann

BTW, I noticed that Ramona has a virtually identical picture on her blog!

Last night at book club we talked about Benjamin's Gift. The question of what gift would you like to have came up. I said that my gift would be to gift compassion to people. I have been shocked lately at the lack of compassion from friends of mine and it makes me sad. Anyway, Laurie had said that her gift would be healing and then Jennifer said that she wished her gift was to know everything in the world. Interesting...

Today was a gorgeous day! It was 81 up here on the Plateau. Cars and I went to the park after we took Dex to school and we met up with a mom and her twins whom I met at August 2003 babies. Her boys are soooo cute. They are just 1 week older than Cars but seem older because they talk much more than he does. They were so funny too, playing in the dog water fountain (yes, such things do exist!).

Well off to bed because I cannot keep my eyes open!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Am I a Bad Wife and Mom?

Everyone keeps saying to me "Oh, you must have really missed your family while you were away!". And I did...but not so much. I really enjoyed my time away from them. In fact, I only called home because of peer pressure. Leah Ann called her family and spoke to her kids forever and to her dh too. Ramona called her SO too so I felt obligated to call home on Friday and Saturday. Sunday I stood my ground and did not call. I only called on Monday to ensure that Stephen would be at the airport to pick me up!

I was on vacation and it was a desperately needed one. They did not miss me that much either (well maybe Cars did because my head was not there for him to sleep on 1/2 the night). I feel like I should be questioning myself. Why did I not miss them? Would I miss them if I went away for a longer time? I honestly do not know...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What Happened in Vegas...

Wow, what a great time I had in Las Vegas!

From the moment I saw Leah Ann and Ramona at the airport it was wonderful! Just like old old old times.

- We laughed (watching Zumanity and talking about Lutheran Bible Camp 26 years ago).
- We cried (or at least I did - a few times and none of it was even alcohol induced).
- We fought (over sunscreen and an Oprah magazine).
- We played (slots, Black Jack, Roulette <-- I was too chicken to try that).
- We won (Ramona, 150 quarters is only $37.50, not $150).
- We lost (I never know when to walk away).
- We ate (Buffets every night for dinner).
- We drank (Leah Ann needs to drink more water and free drinks while gambling is cool).
- We slept (in bed the first night by 9pm but the next night we were up until 4am).
- We walked (my dogs are still barking).
- We splurged (do Oxygen Bars really do anything?!).
- We scrimped (scrouging around for quarters for Wheel-of-Fortune).
- We saved (dresses on sale!).

I had the time of my life. We decided we will go on vacation again together for our 50th birthdays. I can't wait!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to my sweet 7 year old boy.

It was 7 years and 1 hour ago when they told me I needed a c-section. All those hours pushing to no avail. My "sunny side up" baby was stuck! I was so concerned because the midwife informed me that my baby's heart rate was not recovering after contractions so she had called in a doctor. Just get my baby out of me safely! I was wheeled to the OR. At 1:06pm (7 years and 25 minutes ago) I heard "It's a boy!" as Jax entered the world and my life has never been the same. Thank you, Jax. I love you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Signed Sealed Delivered

We just finished e-filing our taxes. Even though we use Turbo Tax and It's Deductible it is still a PITA.

I coloured my hair tonight and made the highlihgts too chunky. I also used a new colour (L'Oreal Couleur Experte 6.0 Almond Rocha) but I am not sure I like it. We'll see how it looks tomorrow. I may be spending tomorrow evening fixing the stripes on my head.

I finally went to Walgreens and bought cologne for an online friend to send as payment for a sweater she knit for Jax. It has only taken me 4 months. Now I have to mail it. Nevermind driving phobia, I have post office phobia these days! Everytime I go now there are huge line-ups. I never ever go to the Bellevue or Redmond post offices because not only are the line-ups huge but the parking lots are tiny and it is very stressful waiting around for a spot to park, let alone getting in the line up and shuffling along until it is your turn. The Iss office has a huge parking lot but I think everyone does what I do and avoids the other cities and drives to Iss. Our city is due to have its own post office in 2007, I think. A friend of mine swears that it is worth the drive to F. City to go to their little town's post office because there is never a wait. But then I would have to drive to F. City...

Anyway, my very patient friend will have to wait a little longer. I promise I will visit the post office to mail it...soon.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My therapist told me today that she thought I had a driving phobia because I told her of the anxiety I have when I even ~think~ about driving into Seattle. Um, no. I have a fear of dying on a bridge that spans water (floats on it really) and had been cited as a terrorist target. Not sure why that bridge scares me so. The other bridge (I-90) isn't so terrifying but it is much less practical to take unless I am going to the train station or some other south Seattle locale. The zoo, the car dealership, the Seattle Center and Pike Place Market all require me to take the 520 floating bridge and I hate it.

It started today with me fretting that I had no plans for Spring Break. I thought briefly about taking the kids to the zoo but then I got all nervous and upset. They love the zoo but I hate taking that damned bridge. It doesn't help that the bridge is one of the oldest floating bridges in the world. Or that during really bad storms they close it down because it has been known to lose its moorings.

Anyway, after thinking about taking the kids to the zoo my mood became really foul. I cannot believe what a huge issue this is for me. After talking to my therapist I have a few tools under my belt to help me cope with it and I am going to ~try~ to take the kids to the zoo without freaking out. I can do it!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Another weekend gone.

I am not really sure what happens with time time but weekends flash by in the wink of an eye while the weekdays seem to drag on and on. This week will take an eternity because 1) It is spring break and I have planned nothing save for dentist appointments tomorrow at 9 A.M. and 2) I am going to Las Vegas on Friday morning.

Oh and Jax's birthday is on Thursday and I have nothing planned. We are going to have a small family celebration then celebrate with his friends on the 24th once everyone is back from Spring break.

Friday, April 08, 2005

My new CF card has become corrupted. I think now it must be the card reader that is doing it although it has not done it to Jax's cf card for his little camera. Anyway, I hope that there is at least a 30 day warranty on my new card!

I am still coughing a lot but most of the cold is gone. Now I just need my strength back. Cars still has a fever but Jax is back to school today. I feel like I could sleep a week.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sickness update:
Dex - all better but a lingering cough
Pez - still stuffed up, body aches gone
Jax - fever, headache, body aches, lethargy
Granny - body aches, sore throat, stuffed up
Cars - fever, lethargy
Stephen - NOT SICK AT ALL (touch wood)

And the bathroom is done (well almost)! Pictures can be found here. Handyman will be back on Friday to fix the caulking around the tub and to install the thresholds to the bathroom and closet (he ruined the finish on them and had to redo them).

Mom leaves tomorrow. What a pathetic visit this was since we were all sick (and now it is her turn!).

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Still sick. Sicker even. I don't think I have had a cold this bad for about 8 years! I had a worse one then but I was pregnant with Jax and could not take anything. Right now Advil Cold & Sinus is my constant companion.

Stephen and I spend hours at the Department of Homeland Security to get the stamp in our passport which states that we are legal permanent residents of the United States of America. The agent told me that my actual card will arrive (get this) in 8 months but if I do not have it in 12 months, I need to go back to the Department of Homeland Security Office and get another stamp in my passport to cover me until the card comes in. The agent was even a little embarrassed to tell me that it would take 8 months. He said "I hate telling everyone this part". Incredible that is takes that long.

My mom is now sick too and I feel so badly for her because she has to take a train back to Vancouver on Thursday then fly home on Friday. She is supposed to attend Fiona's 1st birthday party (her birthday was yesterday) this weekend but if she gets as sick as me there is no way. Wally will no doubt have a fit and I'll get the blame because Granny cannot make it to Fiona's party which they scheduled a week later than her actual birthday because Granny was visiting my kids. :
Jax is sick too and stayed home from school today and he missed baseball practice last night. Dex is supposed to go to practice in a few minutes but he is sleeping and I feel like shit so I think I won't take him.

So not only is Dex asleep but Jax has just now fallen asleep, Cars is asleep and my mom is napping too. The only ones awake are me and Handyman (touch wood but the bathroom will be done ...TODAY!).

Time for more Advil Cold & Sinus medication...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Still sick. Woe is me. I hab a code now though and the pain and achiness is gone from my joints.

I had to get my picture taken today for my green card and the photo is quite hideous. Not that my hair is very stylish to begin with but I had to tuck it behind my ears and off my forehead for the photo. Plus I am in *desperate* need of a dye job. And I have puffy cold eyes and a red, chapped nose. Oh, and I need to lose 1000 pounds but I would be happy losing 30.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ugh - I am sick. It started yesterday. I have a fever, sore throat and it hurts when I cough. Dex is on day 6 of being sick so I guess I caught what he has although his fever finally broke by the 5th day so I was able to send him back to school. But he still gets tired quickly and he has had a nap every day since Monday. The cough I have is bone rattling and my throat is raw. I hope I am feeling better tomorrow and that no one else gets it.

Besides that, today was Opening Day for Little League. I was able to take short videos of Jax and Dex during their first at bats. (Love my new camera!). They are so cute!

Off to bed since we Spring Forward during the night!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Ok, here I am - 40 years old. Do I feel any different? Not really.

Stephen made me my favourite decadent cake (Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake) and we went to dinner last night after Jax's science fair. Stephen bought me a new digital camera and a 1GIG (!) cf card! The camera takes little snippets of video too so that is very exciting. He also had the kids plans some flower seeds in containers for me.

I had an online friend send me a box of birthday goodies too (Thanks Tabitha!), including a 40th Birthday tiara, an "Over the Hill" button and banner, some self-inflating balloons and some pez. :) Oh, there was also a little tea light holder with some wax melts (Monkeyfarts scent!). lol

Jax did well at his science fair. He has to explain to the judges what his project was about and what the results were. He was so proud. Actually all of the kids in the school who participated did well and I was happily surprised at the number of projects that were not mostly done by the parents.

I am one very lucky Pez.