Friday, September 17, 2010

I got Cars in to see a dermatologist about his nose. Well, it was actually a nurse practitioner in a dermatologist's office. Anyway, the mole turned out not to be a mole but some other kind of growth that was ok to leave but ok to take out too. Cars of course wanted to leave it and I wanted it gone so out it came. She cut a bit off with a sharp instrument then used a digger thing to get the rest out. He was yelling "OW OW OW!" then when it was over "Oh, that's wasn't so bad". He is so dramatic at times.

Now I have to call the other dermatologists back and cancel the appointments that I made for the end of November and for mid-December! Or maybe I will keep the one and take it for myself and ask about Botox. Just kidding! I am more interested in Restylane. ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grrr! Cars needs to see a dermatologist and I cannot get him in before December 16th! And that was the third dermatologist that I called. The first said mid-Dec to early Jan so I said no thanks, the second was not taking new patients. The third was the one that the pediatrician was going to first recommend but said that the wait time would be outrageous so she gave me the other two names.

I called the ped's office back and have two more names to call. The office agreed that 3 months was an awfully long time to wait (to look at a suspicious mole). I wonder if she called the doctors themselves if that would expediate things.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week was my 17th wedding anniversary. A far cry from last year's crazy anniversary, we went to dinner at a restaurant in downtown Vancouver with our kids. We were in Vancouver for the long weekend to get away, see my brother and buy some hockey equipment and peanut-free snacks for school. Our anniversary fell on a Saturday night which was kind of nice - just like our wedding day.

We went to The Keg reminiscent to our first date back in October 1986 when we also went to a Keg (in Toronto). The dinner was so yummy. Jax ordered off the regular menu (not a kid any longer, I guess) and he got a rack of ribs and ate them all! His dinner was pricier than mine!! Stephen and I imbibed in Keg-sized Caesars which was nice since it is nearly impossible to find a Caesar in any bar or restaurant in the States (at least near us here and definitely not in Minnesota when we lived there...except for at the Holiday Inn Metrodome because the bartender was from Canada).

So, happy anniversary to us.
September 4, 1993

September 4, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Remember Me?

So it has been a while since I last posted. It got a little crazy with the end of summer then the start of school then Labour Day and here we are.

The boys started school on September 1st. Jax started at Jr. High and so far so good. He was very disappointed that he did not get his first choice for electives (Media Production) either this term or next so I have a feeling this is sullying his view of school. However, he is happy that he has a friend in many of his classes. He has met some friends after school (he took the bus home but got off at the stop closest to the store). He won't let me walk him to the bus stop and he does his homework immediately after he gets home. I hope the year continues to go well (and that he gets Media Production next year!!).

Dex likes his teacher. He didn't get the same teacher that Jax has in 5th grade but maybe that is a good thing. He is doing fairly well with his anxiety and depression although his headaches have increased. Poor boy.

Cars loves 2nd grade so far. He has the same teacher that Dex had in 2nd grade. He likes the kids who sit near him and fortunately the kid who knocked his teeth out in May is not in his class. (Oh, just did a quick search and I don't think I posted about it - the afternoon before we were to go to Toronto for my mom's b-day, a kid in Cars' class threw the hanging gym rope (think big knot at the bottom) at Cars' face and knocked out one tooth and knocked two more loose so he had to have emergency extractions at the dentist! So he has been wandering around with his four top front teeth missing. We are lucky that none of his permanent teeth were knocked out/loose).

So, I am looking forward to a good school year for all of the kids. We have a new principal at the school and already there are some positive changes. Hurray!