Friday, September 17, 2010

I got Cars in to see a dermatologist about his nose. Well, it was actually a nurse practitioner in a dermatologist's office. Anyway, the mole turned out not to be a mole but some other kind of growth that was ok to leave but ok to take out too. Cars of course wanted to leave it and I wanted it gone so out it came. She cut a bit off with a sharp instrument then used a digger thing to get the rest out. He was yelling "OW OW OW!" then when it was over "Oh, that's wasn't so bad". He is so dramatic at times.

Now I have to call the other dermatologists back and cancel the appointments that I made for the end of November and for mid-December! Or maybe I will keep the one and take it for myself and ask about Botox. Just kidding! I am more interested in Restylane. ;)

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