Saturday, December 28, 2013

Well, this is it for far.  Still need to tile backsplash. So many issues with the remodel that I am not even excited about it at all.  How sad it that?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

So where are we?  Ah, yes. Kitchen remodel.

Not much progress. Last week if anyone asked I told them that I could not talk about it.  Since then though I suppose we have a had a little progress so I should not say no progress.
  • floor guy did the best he could do without refinishing floor.  Floor will be refinished in January. Carpenter is not happy with my decision but I am not happy that he brought someone in who wrecked my floor.  The difference in price between what I held back and what will be charged is about $200 (including tax) so if the carpenter does not reimburse me that $200, I can eat it but I am sure my designer will pay if carpenter does not
  • painters took doors away last Friday and will return them tomorrow or perhaps Monday. No rush. I do  not want them damaged during transportation again.  Designer paid for the additional gallon of paint required. However, I paid her more than 3x that to manage this fuck up so...
  • lights went in on Tuesday. electrician moved outlets and sockets. Dimmer control to kitchen is running hot so I have to replace it. Why is nothing straightforward and simple?
Isn't this attractive?

Monday, December 02, 2013

I am very disappointed in our kitchen.  Cabinet doors came back but so many got banged up on the voyage home that the painters will need to come BACK and take them out again to repaint them. I am sure they are not happy either.  There are at least 12 that need to be redone (12 of 25!).

My floor is still gouged. Second attempt to fix did not work.  Floor guy needs to come back again. I am not sure if he is working in trade with the carpenter but he is not right on top of things here in terms of replying to my texts and letting me know exactly when he will be here.  Super frustrating.

I am disappointed that the tile will not be here until January. The blue glass knobs for the cupboards above the sink will be another week as will the pendant lights.

Christmas is coming and I am so ill-prepared.

Our Christmas tree is being delivered on the 4th and I have no room to put it.

Dex has a staph infection on his foot.

A crown on my molar broke off while I was eating a steak bowl from Chipotle on Saturday night.

I took a Xanax to get through yesterday.