Saturday, July 09, 2016

We returned home this week from a 12 day visit to Toronto and Chicago. We went to Chicago for my niece's wedding and we made the trip to Toronto to see my mom and my MIL. Originally I thought I would be flying with my mom to Chicago for the wedding but then my mom asked another one of my niece's to take her. In the end, my mom was too medically fragile and confused to travel at all. She was upset but I think also relieved that she did not go.

My MIL told us while we were there that she was considering ending her chemo treatments since they make her very ill and chemo is not curing her, only keeping her alive. When it was time to say goodbye, it was very hard because we knew it was for the last time. It was so devastating seeing that realization on my children's faces too.

The wedding was lovely and it was so nice to see the family who was able to travel to Chicago. However, 12 days away was too long. Glad to be home.