Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ok, Dex is registered for the new preschool. What a huge relief. Even better because Stephen was the one who was out the door at 4:00am to line up at the school. Ash stayed out there all night as did several others since she was #11 on the list!

Stephen took Jax and Dex to the "game place" (like bigger, older kids' Chuck E Cheese) and he lost Jax's coat while there. So when he got home I went out and bought Jax a new coat in case the other one does not show up. It seems that someone probably grabbed Jax's coat and left theirs behind as they did find a similar but much more worn coat. I have our last name and phone # in ours but I don't imagine anyone will call.

I had a very pleasant phone conversation with an online friend today. She likened it to a first date and it kind of felt like that although she is easy to talk to! lol

I am getting a bikini wax tomorrow morning. I hope it doesn't hurt...much. I think I should take some ibuprofen before I go to help reduce swelling. Or is it aspirin? Hmmm...I'd better go look it up.

Jean-Paul told me that Marilyn's ultrasound did not look good and they go back again in a week. I guess the baby's hr is slow again like last time. :(

Cars is crying so off to see what is up...

Friday, January 30, 2004

Colouring Colour Neighbour Honour Odour <--Just for Katie

For the life of me I cannot spell those words without the U. Besides, that is the way they should be spelt. Once I worked with a guy who told me that the U was stupid and didn't know why the British spell them that way. I said because that is the *correct* spelling and he insisted that it wasn't. I said they ought to know since they invented the language. He still didn't understand. That also reminds me of the time in McD's when this elderly woman next to me started complaining that the McD's employees were all "foreigners" who didn't even speak "American".

Cars is puking puking puking. I am trying to figure out what I ate that would cause him to puke so much. I gave him his meds today and I have not had any cheese or milk...although I did have some chocolate cake with chocolate icing which was made from butter so I guess that's it. Sorry buddy.

Stephen's leave of absense is a paternity leave that every employee at his company gets when they have a child. It is four weeks of paid leave. He chose to take it now rather than when Cars was first born because my mom was here then and we didn't need him to take it then. We first thought he could take it in April or June or some other nice-weather month but with my PPD I told him I needed him to take it now. Well I actually wanted him to take January off but he was working on a big project which was wrapping up in January so we decided that February would have to do and that's when we decided also to hire Nanny to help out on Fridays.

Tomorrow is the big preschool registration day. My plan is this: to get up at 5am and go to the NEW preschool. If there is a HUGE line and I know I will not get in, I will then head over and line up at our current preschool. That way I have covered all of my bases. I will also have to take Cars with me since I don't really want to pump a few bottles tonight. I don't think my poor nipples could take that much pumping. And once again I didn't pre-plan...

I bought two bathing suits today at Target. They look ok on me. I felt like that character Cathy from the comics with all her angst in trying to find a bathing suit. I had no intentions of buying on at Target but I found two that looked presentable on me (if you don't look at the huge belly) and the two of them were less than I was planning to spend on a decent one from Lands End.

My brother is too much. He didn't tell my SIL that we were going to spend two nights with them when we are in Florida. Aaargh. So I guess we need to look for a hotel for those two nights. She said she didn't mind but really what else could she say? I should have known better and talk directly with her than relying on him.

I called the outlaws and told them we were going to Florida. Stephen wasn't going to tell them until we got back. I know she would have had a fit if we didn't tell them until then, especially if she heard about it from my mom.

Playgroup today was at Leslie's - 30+ miles away. It is a drag driving there and back for such a short time. Jax didn't have school today so at least I didn't have to leave early to rush back to pick him up. She and Sarah gave me a crap load of clothes for Cars so that's good. I will be all set once we hit 12-18 months because I still have most of those clothes. I need to finish packing Sarah's newborn and 3-6 month clothes back up and give them back. Wish I could WHACK that off the list...
Nanny is here colouring with the kids right now. I don't feel like doing anything although I do need to go get groceries, pick up Dex's immunization chart, buy a bathing suit, etc

I had a really bad night last night. I went to bed at 8pm but could not sleep. I had a migraine and my mind was racing. I got up and ate some dinner (why didn't I eat sooner? I don't know). Today is Stephen's last day before his leave of absence. I hope that he is home at a normal time. I haven't seen him all week. Not sure if I could manage if he traveled for a living!

Power went out for a short time in the night and the wind is still going stong. At least the rain has stopped for now. The backyard "pond" has not yet drained. I guess it will stay that way until May.

Well, off to make a hair appointment and perhaps an appointment for a bikini wax (no Brazilian wax for me thanks).

Thursday, January 29, 2004

It is pissing rain today. It has not let up since last night. UGH My whole backyard has turned into a pond. Ash told me that a huge part of the hill on the parkway along the lake gave way and mud slide across the road as she was driving by. Stuff like that usually happens on the west side of the lake where the hills are steeper. I guess one good thing about Stephen working late tonight is that it should be cleared before he drives home.

Ah, just checked out the weather on KING 5 and it seems there are flood warnings everywhere.

Took Dex to speech therapy today. ST said that she believes he has met all of his IEP goals and will talk to the school district next week. So, I don't imagine he will have too many sessions left. He still needs work with some words but since some kids do not have those sounds by the same age, they are not covered under the IEP.

Look at me taking care of business today. I called the allergist to get a medical letter for the airplane explaining why we need to carry epi-pens with us when we fly. Usually I wait until the last minute. WHACK. There's another item off my huge list. I also called and ordered a copy of Dex's immunization records for preschool registration. WHACK.

Uh-oh...lights are flicking so I will post this before the power goes out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Sure, Shelly considers coming to Seattle as I am taking vacation. Hardly fair, I think.

I received our tickets in the mail. Rather, they are pseudo-tickets since they don't really give out real tickets anymore unless you want to pay extra for them. In any event, they have already assigned seats to us for the plane rides so it looks like we will be sitting together, at least on a few legs of the trip. One less think to worry about (Snapper, I am WHACKING it off the list). I see there were no seat assignments from MSP to MSO (that is Missoula MT) and from MSO to SEA. So, we'll worry about that later.

I took Jax to the library today to get his free book from the READY-SET-READ program. He "read" for 20 minutes 20 days this month and earned a free book. Anyway, he chose a novel that is probably aimed for a 7th grader (He liked the cover). Then tonight as I was taking them to bed he said he would read to Cars and he read several words he knows. Just sight words like that, the, in, of, etc but it was exciting to see him read. He is growing up so quickly. ~tearing up here~

Three lightbulbs out in the house now. The laundry room, my bedroom closet and a pot light in the kitchen. Stephen being gone everynight sucks because these are his jobs to do. LOL I guess I could probably do the laundry room and closet but what if there are spiders in the covers?? And we will have to borrow the neighbours ladder to get the pot light since we won't be able to reach it on the 6 foot ladder.

Need a cut and colour before I go to Florida. I have the hair colour already and can do it myself I guess. I have all these 3/4 inch long grey hairs sticking out all over my head, especially at the hairline so I need to make sure I do a good job covering it. I think I will cut it shorter than usual this time. I kind of thought that Sharon Stone's hair looked good at the Golden Globes until Shelly wrote that it looked like her hair when she rolls out of bed in the morning! lol

Eleven-oh-five and Stephen is still not home. I am off to bed.

I just read an article in the paper that states that there is no proof that mad-cow disease is NOT present in cow's milk. Another thing to stress about. This quote, from Man-Sun Sy, one of this country's leading researchers on the brain-wasting disease, got me:

Seattle Times

"Absence of proof is not proof of absence," Sy said.


Ash is as stressed if not more so than me about preschools for next year. She does not have the option of Noah's Ark though since she left on bad terms and her pride will not let her go back.

Tami dropped by today to give me a book she bought for me called

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
She is planning a bible study with her neighbour to go over it. I would be interested but I am never without children! lol Oh unless she held it Friday mornings when the Nanny is here... But, first I need to read the 40 chapters in 40 days. Hmmm...maybe I will start reading it over Lent.

I also need to see about getting Cars baptized. One more thing...

Cars is able to sit up if I prop him up but he does fall over. He loves playing with the Fisher-Price blocks that he got for Christmas. Dex loves those blocks too and always takes them off Cars.

Jax is looking like such a big boy these days. It makes my heart ache. He wants to do everything himself too which is very helpful most of the time and very frustrating too.

Well I should go change the laundry and my shirt (more baby vomit).

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Picked up my ring today and the appraisal. Good thing I took it in because there was a loose stone.

After that, Dex and Cars and I checked out a new preschool across the street from that plaza. It looks great. I think I will try to get him in there. I am so afraid though that if I go there on Sat to register him then we won't get in and then it will be too late for Noah's Ark. Cripes! I need someone to make this decision for me. I cannot even talk to Stephen about it because he is working like a madman in getting ready for his month-long LOA.

Ate my way through the evening until Stephen arrived home (10 mins ago). So now I will finish nursing Cars then off to bed.

Monday, January 26, 2004

When I turned 25 years old I thought my life was over. Twenty-five was so old. Stephen and I had been dating since I was 21 and we broke up a month before my 25th birthday. I had always pictured myself married by age 25 and here I found myself, at 25, single and OLD. My youth was gone! No more student discounts on Eurorail passes. Not that I ever bought a Eurorail pass before but I was no longer eligible for one. Ramona and I ran off to Mexico for a quick trip and I spent the week loaded on tequila. It was so hard to be 25.

Well I finally accepted being 25. And I have readily celebrated each birthday since. In fact, I kept imagining that turning 50 would be the next hardest one. I mean that is half of a century! Middle-aged! OLD! No worries until then, right?

But here I am, facing my 39th birthday in 64 days and I am terrified! I keep thinking what made me lose my sanity to think that it was ok to have a child at 38. That is way too old. WTF was I thinking? I feel old. I am old.

So this old mom had a very crappy day today. I did everything wrong today, from yelling at my children to trying to put them on a guilt trip and ignoring them. I wish I could redo today. I rarely think about things like that. Mostly I wish that the next day would be better but I do wish I could have today back and redo things. What I would do differently:

- I would not throw the lego into the garage when the boys were fighting over it
- I would not give the kids as many choices at lunch so I would not have had to make two different types of soup
- I would not yell at Dex for taking too long to go pee
- I would not yell at Dex for yelling and waking up Cars
- I would not yell at Dex and Jax while nursing Cars so Cars would not cringe
- I would not tell my children that I am obviously a terrible mother since I have not taught to be as self-sufficient as I think 3 and 5 year olds should be
- I would have read more than just two books to them

Now this old mom will bid adieu as I go and feed my very young baby. He, and his brothers, deserve a better mother and I certainly hope she is here tomorrow...
For all the bitching and whining I have done about the preschool I have done nothing about looking for another...until now. I just made an appt for tomorrow afternoon to look at another preschool. It is comparably priced (read way too expensive) but really the only ones that are cheaper are co-ops which are not feasible because I also have Cars.

Registration for Dex's preschool and this new one are both on Saturday. I do NOT want to get up at 4am to stand in line to get a spot. It ticks me off that we do not just get to automatically enroll in the 4 yr old program for next year. I cannot get him in afternoons either because I cannot get back and forth across the Plateau in less than 15 minutes. And if I don't line up early in the morning I might not get a morning slot.

The new preschool would be great for the afternoons because they start at 1pm and go until 3:30. That gives plenty of time to get Jax when he gets out of school then hop a couple of miles down the road to get Dex at 3:30. Their registration is also on Saturday but they have 47 open spots right now. I wouldn't necessarily need to be there at 4am. Well I'll try to make up my mind after the tour there tomorrow.

My mom reminded me that I needed to take a sweater with me to Florida because it might be chilly at night. I swear she thinks I am too stupid to think of that myself. I imagine she thinks we will just drive the the airport here in our shorts, sandals and bathing suits.

Well better go install Cars' new carseat in the van since Stephen took the base to the infant carrier one to work today. Just as well as he is slightly over the height limit (but there is still about an inch of room above his head).

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Just added comments to my blahg. I wonder if they work. Yes, they sure do.

Jean-Paul and Marilyn were here overnight so JP could pick up his software and the electric bicycle he had delivered here plus the plethora of other ebay items he had delivered here. He is addicted to it. At least these last items were xbax games (non-MS). Better than the three Dr. Zarius Planet of the Apes dolls, oh, ACTION FIGURES, he had delivered here in December. Well he's going to have to curb that now that Marilyn is pregnant again. Hopefully all will go well this time. She is not getting her hopes up until after the ultrasound on Thursday.

I cut, well butchered, Cars' hair today. He looks like a different baby. His hair is much more fair now as only the ends were still dark brown.

Oh, Jax and Dex fell asleep on the couch. Better move Dex before he pees on it again.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Movies that always make me cry:
- Terms of Endearment
- An Affair to Remember
- Gone with the Wind
- Little Man Tate
- E.T.
- Steel Magnolias

We watched E.T. tonight and boy, did I sob. My children think I am a loon.

The looney with the bow and arrow is in trouble with the school district (but not the police. Apparently a cop was the "person of authority" who told the kid it was ok. And in our city it is not a crime to have a weapon, unless it is a gun, on school grounds).

Stephen has maxed out his software purchases for the year (ending June 30th) thanks to my brothers who order things every other week. Big ticket items too. Anyway, the last few dollars went to xbox games for Jean-Paul. I am a little embarassed that it were my brothers who maxed it out. Especially since Stephen's family rarely asks for software and if they do they are S.O.L.

The boys were invited to Kins' 3rd birthday tomorrow. It is a ballerina party so of course I did not tell them. lol

Dex has his second potty accident today. He fell asleep on the couch while I made dinner. When he woke up he had peed himself. Good thing pee cleans up nicely off a microsuede couch. And how do I know this? When our couch was three weeks old our friends brought their potty training (not potty trained) daughter over and she peed on my couch (oh and on my deck and on my outdoor chairs).

WW tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. I will need it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Update on the looney with the weapon. Ash called the police again to get an update and apparently he is a juvenile (under 18) and someone with authority gave him permission to use the bow and arrow on the school grounds. So he was not charged with having a weapon on the school grounds. Ash is LIVID and is going in to see the principal tomorrow to chew her ass. I will sit back and wait to see if the principal sends a note home with the kids tomorrow. That looney clearly did not have common sense enough not to cock the arrow back around children so I wonder who the "person in authority" was who gave him permission to do so.
A guy was wondering around the school yard when the kids got out today with a bow and arrow. He had a quiver full of arrows on his back. He stopped just past the playground and pulled the arrow back, pointed it around around but did not release it. We all stood staring at him, not quite comprending what was going on. Finally someone ran inside for a teacher. I called 9-1-1. The guy then walked over to the soccer field. Ash said he shot an arrow off then but I didn't see that because I suddenly got my wits about me and just wanted to get the kids away from the playground. I saw the principal running out to him then (he was sitting on the ground at that point) and then we rushed off to the car.

I called the sherriff's dept afterwards to find out what happened when the police got there but all they had on file was that they responded to the call and no arrests had been made. I am not impressed. I have only ever been worried about sending Jax to school because of his peanut allergy. Now I have to worry about loonies with weapons.

I fed Cars rice cereal mixed with soy formula today (could not pump anything today). I will wait to see if he vomits it up later. Three times he has thrown up exactly two hours after he had soy. The first time he barfed for 24 hours. The next two times it was more of a spit-up type barf but then he had only had a mouthful (if that) of the formula. He ate about 1/4 cup of cereal tonight.

Tomorrow I will only have one child with me for 2.5 hours! Jax's class is going on a field trip to see a play so they have to go to school in the morning and Dex has school inthe morning too. Of course I have a doc's appt on the other side of the lake so it is not like I can enjoy my time - I'll be too busy driving! That's ok though. :)

Another blogger mentioned double spaces after a period (full stop). I have noticed that a lot of people do not do that and frankly I find it hard to read. I guess not everyone took basic typing classes in school.

The mom of my next door neighbour house-sits. She has no house or apartment of her own and so she lives in the houses where she house-sits. She goes from house-to-house in the winter and in the summer when the house-sitting season is slow, she spends most of her time living with her daughter (my neighbour). For some reason I think that is really eccentric. I guess I just cannot imagine not having my own place/space.
Now I know why I have been bitchy, craving sweets and my pants were tight. I fell off the roof today (aka AF). Shit! This is not supposed to happen until I wean Cars. I mean it came back one month after I weaned Jax and one month after I weaned Dex (at 6.5 months and 10 months). Not fair!
Whose bright idea was it to buy the kids swords and a mask at the very crappy $1 store? Are we not surprised when Jax poked Dex in the eye with his sword yesterday. Now the swords are in perpetual timeout. *sigh*

Feeling crummy (crumby? must look that up) today. Cold, stuffy head, lack of sleep, etc. Once Cars is feeling better and sleeping better I am sure I will too.


Main Entry: crum·my
Variant(s): also crumby /'kr&-mE/

So it could be either.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Let's see...Jax has a horrid cough that kept me awake during the part of the night that Cars was not crying/coughing. I think I slept a total of two hours. Jax also has this funky thing on his tongue - a big red circle in the middle. He's had it for three days so we are off to the doc this morning to see what it is and hopefully it is not contagious.

Next Saturday is registration for Dex's Noah's Ark preschool for next year. They made a big to-do about when the school building will be open in the 31st (6AM) for registration (10AM). I think it is nuts for me to have to line up for hours and hours when we already go there. Shit! This preschool thinks it is the be-all to end-all. I got a call from one of the moms in the class who has arranged for the YMCA which is on site at the college (preschool is in the bible college) to start an afterschool program for 3 yr olds because "It is impossible to get anything done in 2 1/2 hours". So for an extra $110/month our kids can go to the Y for an hour after school (2x/week). Man! Anyway, I told her I wasn't interested and she said she was surprised since I had a baby etc. These women have more money than brains!

Anyway, I am going to call the church nearby and see if they have any openings for 4 yr old preschool next year and maybe just send Dex there. It is closer and I think a little cheaper. That's ok with me. Ash won't take Kins back to Noah's Ark because they didn't think that Gav was ready for K and didn't tell her until the last week of school.

Well Cars has finished nursing and I must run to get the kids to go.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Ok, make note. ~Today~ is Snapper's birthday. Gotta remember that for next year. Happy birthday, Birthday Fairy!

Ok, so now my nose is running like a tap. I guess it was just a matter of time before it got worse. And I have been eating like there is no tomorrow. Totally craving carbs. Had spaghetti for the first time in eons. I even ate bread with it! Yikes!!

Just sent back my first NetFlix movie (Bend it like Beckham). I wonder when I will get the next one (Pirates of the Caribbean). I think this will really work out for us! It will also make us more likely to rent movies that we want to see but are not dying to see.

Well, off to raid the fridge again...
Still more snot. Cars did not sleep well last night thus I did not sleep well last night. No break today either because it is MLK day and kids are off school.

Cars is trying *so* hard to crawl. He can get up on his hands and knees and the he rocks and pushes himself backwards. I cannot believe he is doing that already. I remember with Jax the first six months of his life took six months. Cars' has flown in the blink of an eye.

Off to take a drive with the kids. I need to get out. Maybe they will nap in the car.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Snot snot snot

All three children have bad colds and I am covered in snot and spit-up. Stephen is sniffling too (he'd better not snot on me too!).

I ate way too much today, especially at dinner. Stephen grilled steaks, made a greek salad (mmm...), rosemary potatoes and garlic bread. Oh well...tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

We booked our flight to Florida. Whoo-hoo! I am not looking forward to the flights but I am certainly looking forward to being in HOT weather (I hope it will be hot) and to seeing M&M&girls. Now I have to start digging around to get some deals to The Magic Kingdom. Stephen just wants to go for one day so we'll have to make the most of it.

Cars spent much of today looking at his hands. It was so cute! These last couple of days he has seemed so much more grown up. He can almost sit up by himself, refuses to sit back in the bouncy seat, laughing out loud and squealing with delight at things he likes to look at. Very cute!!

Poor Jax has a cold and feels miserable today. He is funny though because he wears his "Indiana Jones" hat (Stephen's fedora) around the house all the time. I rented "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" from Netflix and it arrived yesterday. I think we'll watch it later this week.

Picked up my jewelry today - it all looks lovely.

I think I want to paint tonight so I'd better get my butt away from this computer.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Nanny came today. It worked out really well because I had that test this afternoon. Results were positive. I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome on both sides. Worse on the right.

The woman who performed the ultrasound today she also had the same thing. I asked her what caused it and she said "As we age..." and then I just tuned her out! LOL I don't wanna admit I am getting older! Anyway, we'll see what the doc says next week.

Cars would not take a bottle of soy formula from the nanny today. This is the first time I have offered it to him since the barfing incident 2.5 weeks ago. I will try ProSobee next time - maybe he just doesn't like Isomil.

I went to bed last night at 9 with full intentions of getting a good night's sleep. I started reading and was up past midnight. *sigh* Tonight, I swear I will go to bed early. Up early for WW anyway...

Off to check flights to Florida. Stephen just called and said we are going.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dex went to school for the first time in underwear. We still have a few poop issues but looks like he is completely daytime trained and now we get to work on nighttime.

I have been on th verge of a migraine all day today. I have been trying to stave it off with caffeine which probably isn't a good idea.

Ramona called me last night and no wonder I haven't heard from her. She has all this b.s. going on in her life from her mom and brother. Her mom is feeling very jealous of Greg's family and is taking it out on Ramona- telling Ramona that she is neglecting her. Derek is off the wagon again. And I thought I had problems. *sigh*

The nanny is coming tomorrow. First time in weeks and weeks. I am looking forward to the break. She will be here to cover while I have my appt at the vascular clinic. I am going to try to pump a bottle tonight so Cars will not have to have soy formula. I am still concerned about the last bottle he had. Wish me luck.

This mountain of laundry is neverending. In a dream world, I would have a huge laundry room with two washers, two dryers and a drying rack so I could do two loads at a time. What am I saying??? In a dream world someone else would be doing laundry FOR me!

I am planning to go to bed tonight at 9. I was up too many times last night between Dex having bad dreams and Cars needing to be fed. I am going to go to bed and read for a while and leave Cars with Stephen. how to get through the next 5+ hours until then.

Went to Freddies to pick up a few groceries & other things today. I had my coupons from their ad in the Sunday paper. I only picked up a few items but was in there about an hour so Jax could look at toys. Of course they only had two checkers open and there were long lines but the U-Scan was clear so went there. First I realized that I left my bank card on my dresser at home so I had to charge my groceries to VISA, Grrrr! Then I needed a gift receipt and it said "PLEASE SEE CASHIER". So I talked to the guy at the end and he scanned the item for me. Then I had picked up some underwear for Jax that was on clearance and some onesies for Cars (again on clearance) and the U-Scan does not automatically take the add'l 40% off soI had to "PLEASE SEE CASHIER". Finally, when it was time for my coupons and the machine says "PLEASE SEE CASHIER" again!

At this point I am pissed off. What a PITA! Then the cashier says "Ma'am, your coupons are from last week's flyer". Ewp! What a dolt I am! So I said "FINE - I don't want the milk" (There is no way I am paying $3.99/gallon regular price). So he starts looking through THIS week's ad to see if there is a milk coupon and there isn't so he says "I'll give it to you for the coupon price" and he has to fix my two gallons of milk and two pkgs of cheese to the expired coupon price. That was very kind of him and I didn't expect him to do it and I really did appreciate it. And of course the U-Scan is still a PITA unless you only have one or two items that are not on sale and you have no coupons...

*sigh* So much for quiet time. Off to see what Dex is screaming about.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dentist this morning at 7am. *yawn* Apparently even though I do not floss (well did before I went this morning), I am in the "lucky 10%" who do well without flossing. I was lectured by the dental assistant, the dental hygenist and the dentist. Anyway, they also tried to sell me on a new type of filling to replace my old ones so they'd look better. No thanks. I'll save my money so one day I can buy my Shania teeth.

I've barely spoken to Ramona in the last month. She isn't home much - or at least she isn't home when I think to call her. She told me she just finished up her last pack of pills and was going to see what happens next. I wonder if she does get preggo if she and Greg will get married.

Cars is unhappy unless he is sitting up and he cannot sit up by himself. He is ok in the exersaucer for a while, and the high chair for a while and a longer period in the jolly jumper but mostly he wants me to hold him up on the floor while he plays.

I had planned to eat my WW soup for lunch today but the sweet & sour chicken leftovers from last night were calling so I ate it. I think that is the most delicious meal I have ever made. Yummy and worth every point.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Amy is making me paranoid! lol

Spoke to Marlene today and she said that even if Marc does get the job in Dallas she will not put their house up for sale now until March. Stephen still doesn't want to go unless Marc will be there. We should know more by Friday...

Looks like Dex will start speech therapy again next Thursday at 1:30pm. We will have to have two make-up sessions for this week and last week. I will be glad to have him back at it.

Stephen is playing a Harry Potter game on the gamecube right now and is getting all pissy because he cannot defeat some eveil dogs or whatever the hell they are. Cripes! It is just a friggin game!

My mom finished making her valance with the fabric I got for her. I cannot wait to see a photo of them. She told me she was worried that they looked like a circus tent now! lol And with her red couch and green rug, JP told her at Christmas that she should just keep her tree up year around now. Poor Mom. I am sure it looks lovely. Her couch looks nice. I saw a picture of it in Wally's Christmas photos that he put up on his site.

Oh geez, Stephen is yelling "C'mon" at the computer game. I think he needs to chill out! Jax once asked me of "C'mon" was a bad word because daddy always says it when he loses at nintendo.
Ah - peace and quiet. Jax is at school. Dex is on a playdate (behaving himself I hope!) and Cars is asleep right here. I don't even have the tv or radio on. I am enjoying the quiet hum of my computer's fan and the tappity-tap-tap of the keyboard.

Ok so for my 899734th call to Sprint, they tell me that the dispute was canceled this past Friday and a new one credit is pending and should be applied to my account in the amt of $282.80 (I guess they charged me interest or late fees because the original amt was $275.99). Now they are issuing another for $95. I still cannot believe it has taken nearly four months to get this sorted out. Atleast I should not have to call them again and am being billed at the right rate ($0.07/min vs $1.55!! - yes, I talk a lot on the telephone).

I have been thinking about my sister a lot lately. I suppose I should email her to say HI.

My soup smells yummy. I am hungry so I guess I should have some lunch.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Psych recommended a few books today. I will check them out. She said that sometimes depression is actually suppressed anger. Interesting and I can see that. I'll read the book and find out more.

Was going to walk to pick Jax up from school today (I am in desperate need of exercise) but then it started to rain. Might have been the rain dance I did earlier.

Stephen doesn't want to go to Florida now. Until he knows for sure if Marc will be there. Which of course we won't know until maybe at the end of this week when flight prices will skyrocket. Shit. I need a vacation.

I have cramps. I wonder if I will be getting my period. I was going to say AF - been spending too much time at the forums. Never heard of AF until 4 years ago and for 3 of those 4 years I thought it mean "A FRIEND". Never heard AUNT FLO before... I used to say "I fell off the roof" and all my friends did too. Anyway, the first two I had after I weaned Dex were terrible. I am sure it will be more of the same.

I keep having dreams that I am having an affair but his wife always finds out. Weird. Guess I could never sneak around.

Still waiting for my jewelry to be ready. Hopefully tomorrow and I will be donning my new baubles as Stephen calls them.

Well I am off to bed but must take some ibuprofen first. I hope it is safe to take when nursing. Oh it must be - I took a shit load after my c-section...
Dex is virtually daytime potty trained. Whoo-hoo. I don't know what the hell Stephen was thinking, putting Dex to bed last night in underwear. He was soaked from his armpits to his toes. I had to wash every piece of bedding from his bed today. Oh that reminds me - change loads when I am done here.

Cars is still biting while nursing. It is ticking me off and makes me want to wean him. Aargh. (nursing now, can you tell?)

Dex hurt his foot two days ago during a collision with Jax. He is gimping around and I wonder if I should take him to the doctor. Jax hurt his knee after school in the playground and wants me to take him to the doc. Very melodramatic. I also asked Miss Conrad why he started calling himself a troublemaker. She said she does not use that word so she doesn't know and he behaving in class.

Well off to hopefully become less of a mad housewife. God I hate the struggle with the kids to get their shoes on and out the door. Oh, Jax is hopping around "ow-ow-ow". *sigh*

Sunday, January 11, 2004

This is my new blahg. I have decided to start with a clean slate.

Shoe shopping today. Bought Jax and Dex new shoes today (two pair for Jax) and spent $100. Yowsa! They were all on sale too - one pair was 33% off and the other two were 20% off. Anyway, Jax is growing like a weed! Dex's old ones were just looking crummy.

Cars has started latching on funny and my nipple hurts! I am nursing him right now. I cannot get him to correct the latch. I might have to go see a Lactation consultant again to see what we can do about this.

I feel badly for Shelly about the whole Debbie thing. I think Shelly got caught in the crossfire when she had nothing to do with it. Hopefully she will be able to work it out. She is a really good person, I think and she doesn't need this crap.

Cars looks exactly like Jax did at the same age much of today. It will be interesting how much they look alike when they are older.

Dex is almost completely potty trained. Well day trained anyway. We were all counting how many times he used the toilet but we've all lost track. I am so proud of him and best of all, he keeps telling me that he is proud of himself.