Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Monday, March 29, 2004

Tomorrow we are taking Jax to the allergist for more testing. Maybe this will be the time he is finally NOT allergic to eggs. No sense testing for peanuts since his numbers are almost off the charts.

I cannot wait until daylight savings starts. All three kids were up at 5:30 AM!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Today is Sunday.

Jax had his first (and second) t-ball game yesterday on the soccer field (?) of a nearby school. It was so cute to see the teams playing. I took him to the first game. Between the first and second game (back-to-back but a 30 min break inbetween), Stephen arrived with Cars and Dex. Dex stopped to play on the playground 50 feet from the field. Stephen, Jax and I were talking about the previous game then suddenly Dex was gone. Like that - gone. Stephen and I were searching frantically for him then Stephen dashed off to the other field to look for him. I stayed behind, afraid to leave Jax and Cars. I called out "MY SON IS MISSING!". I felt like I was going to faint. I didn't know what to do. A couple moms rushed over and asked "what is he wearing? what does he look like?" I said he had blonde hair, a blue jacket. That is all I could get out before I started sobbing. Nice to know I do well in emergencies.

Then, far off, behind the portables at the school I see Stephen dash out with Dex. I felt a huge wave of relief and let out another sob. I said "My husband found him". One of the moms gave me a hug. I made Dex sit on my lap during the next game. He was mad and wanted to go back to the playground. Never again.

The worse part of this is that I have been critical lately of someone who seems to be chronically letting her children play unsupervised. Karma has come back to bite me in the ass.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Jax had a friend "Kate" over today for a playdate. Actually it was more like show and tell. He showed her every single toy he has and poor Kate was bored to tears. Dex followed them around showing Kate all of his stuff. I think Kate was relieved to see Lauren when we finally went out to the bus! lol

Nanny was here today and definitely had an easy day since I was here for the playdate and Cars would not go to her. Hmmm - no more playdates on Fridays.

Dex is at a friend's house this afternoon. Well, the kid is in his class and has been asking his mom for months for Dex to come over. The mom just called me and said they'd be here to drop him off shortly. Then she said it might have been good if I had informed her that he was terrified of cats. Apparently he screamed bloody murder when their cat walked towards him. Ooops - he hasn't screamed at a cat in a while so I didn't think to mention it.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Our maillady no longer wears those blue gloves that postal workers have been wearing since the antrax incidents in 2001. I must ask her why not.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Jax lost the priviledge of taking the bus to school for using potty language with Gav on the bus the other day. I chose that punishment even though it was a PITA for me. He also had to write a letter apoligizing to the bus driver and hand it to her in person today at school after she dropped off the rest of the kids. Ash did not let Gav take the bus either. The bus driver seemed surprised and delighted that we were trying to take care of the problem rather than tell her it was her problem. She said I would be surprised at the number of parents who tell her that. (!)

Andrea and Wally's baby was due today but no sign of him/her.

Chips Ahoy! were on sale today. They are evil and addicting.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Sheila across the street seems to have lost a little weight. She and her dh NEVER talk to each other outside of the house. In fact they rarely look at each other the odd time that they are actually both outside at the same time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Weird day today. Sunshine, rain, hot, cold, thunder, pouring rain, now it is cold again but sunny. The weird weather created a lot of fog under the bubble at swim lessons. I could barely see Dex across the pool.

I have been listening to the Sept 11 Panel Hearing on NPR. I find it interesting. Interesting that everyone seems to blame someone. Republicans blame Clinton. Democrats blame Bush. I just hope this post-mortem stops anything like it from happening ever again.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Neighbours across the street had the mobile mini-blind cleaner at their house. Hmmm...I didn't even know you were supposed to clean them. They are cheap and disposable, aren't they (just kidding). Neighbours two doors down from them had all of their gutters and down spouts scrubbed today by a "Window and Gutter Cleaning" company. Who knew there were so many specialty companies out there. We seriously need to do some work on our house.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Greg and Jen are having girls! Their ultrasound was yesterday. So looks like no hockey team consisting of Scally Boy cousins. The twins are growing well but Twin B has a cyst on one of her kidneys. They don't know if it is cause for alarm or not and will check again in three weeks to see if it has changed.

Cars is puking up a storm today. I forced about an ounce or two of soy formula into him yesterday. Part of it via a bottle and part via sippy cup. Most went in with the sippy cup. Anyway, I am not sure if they are related (soy and puke). I want to wean him now. I am so worried everytime I eat something that may have had milk in it or any kind of nut or even corn. I am feeling like I cannot eat anything so I binge on crap. I need to wean for my sanity.

Still haven't done our taxes. I am worried about getting them done but that is Stephen's territory so I will just keep giving him another gentle reminder.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Neighbours are having their roof repaired vs replaced. Apparently it will cost them $3000-$4000 vs $15000 so they went ahead with the repairs rather than sink the big bucks into the house since they are moving. Of course she suggested we do the same but since we are in no position to move...

Monday, March 22, 2004

Maybe it is a good thing I never started taking Zoloft. I read in the paper today (ok, online paper) that the FDA has asked drug makers to add suicide caution to their warning labels.

Had a good chuckle over the Bush/CHeney campaign selling jackets on their website that are Made in Myanmar . Not only are they not MADE IN USA but the Bush gov't has sanctions in place against Myanmar (previously known as Burma) due to their record of human rights violations. ~snicker~

I weeded the lawn and some of the garden over the weekend. Our lawn is a freaking mess. Stephen fertilized it yesterday but it needs major work. We have more moss than usual and lots of bare spots. The clover doesn't seem as bad as in the past but we'll see. I hope we continue to have nice weather on the weekends so we can get it back into shape. It is an embarrassment.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

I have a hard time making decisions. It is not as though I don't have opinions or wantings or leanings towards one way or the other but I have a hard time trusting that my decision is the right one so I waver. And waffle. And totter. And hestitate. And then I cannot make a decision.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Happy things to report today:

1) I was able to insert my contacts in less than 20 minutes
2) I picked up some child-size folding metal chairs at Value Village for $1.99 each. A coat of paint and a few embellishments and they will look lovely at the "lego" tables
3) The sun shone for hours today
4) Chips Ahoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I cut my finger, just below the knuckle, on the lid of a Campbell's soup can today. Not just any can but the specially designed pop top ones. I have a hell of a time opening those cans and today proved to be no different but this time it popped back and sliced my finger. Blood gushed everywhere. I could not believe that such a small cut could produce that much blood.

I wrapped my finger in a paper towel and went to the bathroom to get a bandaid. I put a Harry Potter bandaid on (it was a "Harry" - what luck!) and went back to the kitchen. By the time I took those 15 steps the bandaid was saturated and was leaking. I went back to the bathroom for another one (a "Hedwig" this time). My how my finger bled.

Back in the kitchen, I finished putting together Jax's lunch. My finger and the bandaid was leaking again. I decided as I replaced the bandaid ("Hedwig" again) that I was going to call and complain to the Campbell's soup company. I struggled opening those damn pop top cans everytime but this was the final straw!

I called the 800 number on the can to speak to a representative. I explained that I had sliced my finger on the not-so-easy to open can because they are hard to open and wanted to let them know.

"Ma'am, do you require medical attention for that wound?"

"No, it is just a cut that is bleeding but I just wanted to complain that the cans are hard to open."

"Ma'am, are you certain you do not require medical attention?"

HUH? Yes, I was certain I told him. I just wanted to complain and comment that I certainly could not be the only one in the world who cannot open the damn cans. He then said he would send me a refund for the can. Again, I explained that I didn't want a refund, I just wanted to complain! He said he has not heard of anyone complaining about the cans before. I found that hard to believe. Anyway, I finally agreed that he could send me a refund for the soup as long as he ensured that someone would know that the damn cans are hard to open.

Hours later I went to their website and found a Pop Top Lid FAQ A-ha! Apparently I am NOT the only one who has problems with the cans. Hell they have even developed a tool (Pop N' Pull™ Tool) to help people to open the cans since you cannot use a regular can opener on them.

My finger finally stopped bleeding this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lifted shamelessly from Snap-ah's blog, who in turn lifted it from

If you call me Denine, you are anyone to whom I have been introduced.
If you call me Mom, you are Jax
If you call me Mommy, you are Dex
If you call me with your cry, you are Cars
If you call me Baby or Beautiful, you are Stephen
If you call me Dee, you are one of my siblings, or Alicia (or Krista aka DeMon)
If you call me Deenie, you are my mom
If you call me Deenie-Weenie, you are my oldest brother Marc
If you call me Wally, you are my youngest brother Wally (aka Michael)
If you call me Jackson's mom, you are a kindergartener
If you call me De-Nine, you are Andrew, or a substitute teacher
If you call me Faubs, you are Sandra
If you call me Pez, Pezzie, or Pex, you know me from the forums
Friggin Survivor again! They edit it just so you think that Chapera is going to lose immunity challenge and it will be a vote off with Rupert and Rob. Turns out that Mogo Mogo loses and bye-bye Ethan. Why did I get sucked in?

Babycenter posted their list of top baby names for 2003. Thank goodness we decided against Aidan because it was #2! Cars was #83. 2003's 100 Most Popular Names

The other night Jax was sent to bed early because he was being mouthy. A while later he was crying so after I while I went up to talk to him about it and he said "I cannot feel Jesus in my heart" <--where did that come from? Then he started wailing "I cannot feel anyone in my heart! It is just a regular heart!" He was so distraught as only a five year old who cannot feel Jesus in their heart can be, I guess. Then today again, I sent him for a timeout and he yelled down the stairs at me "I cannot feel Jesus in my heart again! My heart must be broken!". I wonder where this is coming from because we don't talk about religion much at home and I do not imagine they do at school. Anyway, I hope Jesus is there tomorrow if it means he will behave.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Dex has a sinus infection.
Cars is miserable from his cold and/or teething.

According to Dr. C. I could have sworn that Cars had an ear infection. He cries all the time, is pulling at his ear and is miserable, miserable, miserable. Oh well, thank goodness for tylenol. Oh and I managed to look Dr. C right in the eye this time without suppressing a giggle ever since Laurie told me that her daughter asked him what happened to all of his hair on his head. Then she said to nevermind since she noticed it just fell on his fingers. LOL

I got my new glasses today. I also picked up another right contact lens and will give them another try tomorrow. Gloria (aka nosy neighbour) says I need to stick my tongue out while inserting them since that is the only way she can do it.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day and apparently if one does not wear green then one gets pinched. I never remember that happening in my school. It seems really mean! I told Jax that under no circumstances was he to pinch ANYONE if they were not wearing green tomorrow.

Another crazy day tomorrow with running around to swimming lessons. Jax and Dex did well at their lessons on Monday. This lady is good (very firm with the kids...people around here call her the swim nazi) and she was able to get Dex to put his face in the water and blow bubbles.

Ash asked me to go to a JJill open house with her on Thursday night at the mall. They will have hors d'oeuvres and a "personal shopper" will help pick out clothes. I had to laugh when she told me that theme was pink because of another blogger's recent post about pink. I do not wear pink (well I have worn fushia and would again if it came back into style but pastel and light pink? No thanks. Not me. Pink reminds me of Sue Foote from high school. She used to claim that pink was her "signature" colour and she wore something pink everyday. Everyday for the four years...and maybe five but I did not go to grade 13 (yes, they had grade 13 in Ontario) at that high school.

Stephen is working late tonight and I am ticked off because it is bath night and that is something he usually does. So I am off to bathe the kids and wrestle them into their jammies.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Another sleepless night. Cars, Jax and Dex all have this horrible cough. Keeps them awake at night, even with cough stuff. Ok, I didn't give Cars any cough stuff because I am not sure what to give him.

The boys start swimming lessons today. Of course things could not be easy and the lessons could not be at the same time. Jax has them at 10:30 M/W and Dex has them at 1pm M/W. Just for six weeks so it will be an interesting time, running back and forth and back and forth. As if my life wasn't crazy enough.

Ripped my friggin contact lens taking it out last night so I have to also find time to go back to the optomotrist (or opthamologist - can never remember - and I don't even think I spelt them correctly). I have a feeling that contact lenses are not for me.

I quit playgroup. I just could not keep up going every Friday afternoon. Especially to Leslie's. She lives so far away (40 min highway drive). Plus gas has gone up to $2/gallon! Anyway, I feel sad because we've had the same playgroup for 3.5 years but it is just time to move on. I hope to meet with everyone about once a month or so though.

Our next door neighbours are moving. They bought a house on 3/4 acres in the "farm" area of the Plateau. I had to laugh when she said it was important that they move so she would not be too far from Noah's Ark (our current preschool that we are not returning to next year - she enrolled her daughter there for next year). She also said they have done so many improvements on their home that they will never get their money out of it. I believe it! Their house is gorgeous. I hope our ratty lawn doesn't bring down their price! lol

Shoot! Look at the time. Gotta get a move on the day!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Brainstorming again...I think it would be a good idea if there were a nut-free chocolate company here in WA. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is so far that you have to pay for express shipping to make sure that the candy does not melt. I could start small and deliver or let customers this way pick-up their orders. Hmmm...

Ok, pipe dream. I am an inherently lazy person so I don't think I could do all that was needed to get this started. I would just like wrapping the chocolates in pretty paper and ribbons. LOL I don't even know if I would like MAKING the chocolate.

I finally inserted my contacts yesterday on the 6th try. Tried once already this morning and haven't been able to do so. I can remember Andrea Croone (or was it Kroone?) from my grade 5 class got contacts that year because everyone used to call her four eyes (I never did although I did call Suzanne Paine that in grade 6). How could a 10 year old do it so easily and here's me, 38 and I cannot?? Grrrrr!

Well, off to spend a small fortune at Costco.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

A nice day and I have been inside all day long. I put away a huge box of clothes (Cars' outgrown stuff), tidied the linen closet, assembled 4 scrapbook pages, and tried three times to insert my contact lenses (to no avail).

Stephen took the older boys to the Y for open swim and now they are out looking at golf gear. Cars will not sleep unless he is in my arms and since I have been busy, he has not slept and is quite miserable.

Ash and I went out for a drink last night. She told me that Kelly Preston was Olivia Newton-John's daughter. I told her she was wrong and she said "Ro told me. She read it in Architect Digest". Well, I don't know what Roma was smoking when she read it. Ash takes everything Ro says as gospel so I had great delight in forwarding a thousand links to her today via email with Kelly Preston's biography, none of which mentions that she is ONJ's daughter nor could she be, unless ON-J had her when she was 14.

I am contemplating having a garage sale in early May...or I could just donate all of our crap and get a receipt for a charitable donation. The garage sale would be fun but a lot of work. Last one I made over $800 selling our old crap. The key is to be well organized (which is very, very difficult for me) and to ensure that everything is spic'n'span clean. Hmmm - have to think a little more.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday Five

1. What was the last song you heard? You Rise Me Up by Josh Groban

2. What were the last two movies you saw? Pirates of the Caribbean and Mooseport

3. What were the last three things you purchased? A long sleeved shirt (for Jax), a package of sable paint brushes and 50 yards of blue organza ribbon

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend? get Jax to t-ball practice, shopping at Costco, laundry and rejoin WW

5. Who are the last five people you talked to? Not counting my children, they were Ash, Lee, Jen, Nanny and the lady who taught me how to use my contact lenses.

Ok, I bit the bullet and am trying out some contact lenses. What a woos/wuss <--how do you spell that word? It took me 40 minutes to get the lenses in my eyes! The lady told me I was doing well - that she has had some people in the store for 4 hours. I wore them for two hours and am excited at the prospect of being glasses-free. I have worn glasses for nearly 18 years, although only full-time for six. Imagine, going through a day with out having a child or two (or three) hit my glasses with their noggin or arms or feet(!). I hope it works out. Just in case though I did order new glasses and was surprised at how inexpensive they were (at least compared to my current pair - oh I just remembered that our insurance plan covers more than they used to so perhaps that is why they seemed cheap).

Picked Jax up and school and twice had to tell him not to run around the playground with a stick like a gun. So, I sent him to his room as soon as we got home. He knows he is in big trouble and hasn't even asked to come downstairs yet.

Dex is up there too for running into the parking lot while I was chewing out Jax at the school. *sigh*

Cars is at my feet gnawing on a teething toy. I think tooth #3 will arrive soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

OK, that last entry was whiny so I cannot end the day like that. lol

Another fine weather day today. I think I am getting spoilt!

Things that I loved about today:

1) Dex's snuggles
2) Jax joy over his new shirt
3) Cars eating Cheerios
4) Stephen's smile
5) Sunshine
6) Cherry trees in bloom
7) It was a spider-free day
Fell off the roof and I am not amused. Second time only though since having a baby but I am still nursing and it just isn't fair. *more pouts*
Migraine. ~ouch~ Caused from too little caffeine and lack of sleep. I *knew* I should have had a cuppa tea before bed last night. And the lack of sleep? A friggin helicopter circled around and around the neighbourhood last night from 2:35 until 3:15ish. It may have been there earlier but that is when it woke me up. I am so pissed off especially since I could not get back to sleep until nearly 5.


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Monday, March 08, 2004

Today was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I think it went up to 70 and the sun was shining and it was so beautiful! I do believe that the sunshine is fading away all of my depression. Perhaps I don't have PPD but rather S.A.D. The grey, grey winter days definitely get me down.

Anyway, I flung open the back door and the windows and let fresh air into the house for most of the day (well - until 2pm when I left to get Jax from school).

Psych appt today. Some great things to think about.
1) I treat Jax and Dex as if they were the same age and it does not benefit either of them
2) I need to figure out a new way of disciplining Dex since time-outs do not appear to work for him
3) I need to tell people (specifically Stephen, my mom and Ash) that I am feeling better so they do not feel they have to keep taking care of me

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I think Stephen poisoned us with dinner. Both he and I have terribly upset stomachs. The kids didn't really eat what we ate so it was either the noodles he used or the sesame seed oil he cooked everything in (my vote goes for the oil).

I finally, finally did some scrapbooking. I made a page of Jax's first day of kindergarten and of when he was born. It was so fun. I really need to replenish some supplies as I have used most of my "short cuts" on greeting cards over the past couple of years.

Anyway, this is so exciting!

I swore that I would not let Cars sleep in bed with us and here we are, he is 7 months of age will not sleep anywhere but in my arms, Stephen's arms or on our bed (with us next to him). This is really getting old. If I am very lucky, I can lie him down in his crib after he is asleep and he might sleep there for maybe 30 minutes but most likely he wakes up. I cannot believe I made this mistake again. (BTW, he is right here, sleeping on my lap (well on the boppy on my lap)). I need the baby whisperer to come and get him to sleep in his own bed.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

The day started off on the wrong foot. We spent 20 minutes looking for Jax's baseball mitt to no avail. I finally herded the kids in the car and we were 10 mins late for his practice. Stephen stayed home to look for the mitt. He arrived about 3 minutes after we got there. Apparently the mitt was on top of the dryer (which is stacked on the washer). I vaguely remember putting it there when Dex was throwing the baseball in the house. *sigh* Why didn't I remember putting it there? Stephen is still irked about it.

After Jax's t-ball practice we went to Target to get Dex a glove. He is a lefty so the cheapy other mitts that we have will not do. He is going to be playing t-ball at the Y starting next month. He so wants to play with Jax though and it is sad watching him watch Jax at practice.

I felt like being creative today so I sewed ribbon on six cloth diapers to give away as burp cloths. I am very impressed with myself. I received a set of them when Cars was born and I know they sell at the nearby boutique for $15/set (that is three diapers). I bought six on sale at Fred Meyer for $9 and I used two rolls of ribbon on sale from Michael's. Anyway, for less than the cost of one set, I made two sets. They will be perfect if Wally and Andrea's baby has reflux (likely since Wally has GERD).

I read about 1/2 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Jax today. He is totally enthralled with it. I cannot wait to finish reading it tomorrow.

Friday, March 05, 2004

First week of Stephen back to work didn't turn out too badly. I was at the end of my rope today though and had a huge screaming fit. I sounded just like I remember my mom sounding. In the end the day did turn out well. It started off badly though because Jax had to go to school in the morning today rather than the afternoon. He was in a bad mood because he wanted to stay and play and talk to Nanny.

Back to WW tomorrow morning if I can wake up. Cars' second tooth FINALLY popped through the skin (I could see it just underneath for days). He hasn't been sleeping well thus I haven't been sleeping either. Oh and he is awake now.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Am I PMS-ing? I was just watching the news and saw a story about a teenage boy saving his friend from choking. Boy Saves Friend I started sobbing. Of course it might be because I was just reading Peanut Allergy and was looking into info about getting Jax a MedicAlert braclet for his peanut allery.

I found a really nice pair of glasses that are reasonably priced at the Eye Doctor's store. I should probably go to Lenscrafters or Costco to look around but who has the time?? I am also going back to see her next week for a contact lens fitting. I get a free pair to try out for two weeks to decide if they are what I really want to do or not. The though of taking them out of my eye is sickening! Squeezing my eye or something...ick ick ick. I hope I can do it.

Everytime a new season starts I keep telling myself that I am not going to watch it this time around but of course I do and I am hooked once again. Cannot wait to see what Sue's yelling is all about (well, I know it was because a 260-pound naked, gay man rubbed his penis on her but I want to know what sparked her tirade).

Off to the eye doctor shortly. I need new glasses but I am also thinking about trying contact lenses. We'll see what she says (and how much they cost since I will also need a new pair of glasses too).

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My goodness I was chatty Cathy on the telephone today. I spoke to Jen for the first time in months and months - definitely for the first time since she got pregnant (usually just talk to Greg). We spoke for an hours. She is now 16 weeks and they find out on the 22nd of this month the gender of the twins. Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl or Boy/Girl Jen thinks they are one of each. Greg thinks they are both boys.

Then I spoke to Marlene - hadn't talked to her since we were at their place in Florida. Her mom is visiting now and driving her crazy, I think. She did confirm with me that she too thinks that my mom is going deaf (long story but my mom said she could not believe they had released Dex from speech therapy because she can not understand anything he says over the telephone. I think it is because she is hard of hearing).

Then I had a lovely conversation with Ramona. We rarely get a chance to talk at length and it was so nice to talk to her.

Anyway, I used to love talking on the telephone but don't enjoy it so much anymore. I think it is due to the constant interruptions from the kids. Luckily, they kept busy while I was on the phone.

Oh and the friggin long distance disaster with Sprint too made me not want to make long distance calls. The newest bill came in on Saturday and I finally got a $282 credit from them. Time to switch long distance carriers...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Walked to and from school to pick Jax up. It was really lovely today although a little cold still in the shade. Dex of course had to step in a pile of dog shit on the way home and I gagged and choked the whole time I cleaned it up after we got home. I was just going to leave it for Stephen to clean up but we are going out to meet him at the photo place to get new photos for the INS or whatever the hell they are called these days. Our temp visas are expiring yet again as we wait and wait and wait for our green cards (going on 4 years).

Shoot! Cars just crawled into the living room (AKA LEGOLAND) so I'd better go rescue the Lego Luke Skywalker.
I went to buy groceries for the first time in nearly a month. Well, it was the first time with more than one child and to buy more than a few items. Jax drove me crazy (short drive) and Cars puked the whole time. I forgot to give him Zantac this morning and I guess that is why. Anyway, I survived. :)

Today is another glorious day. Must enjoy it before the rain returns tomorrow. Again, I feel like the girl from that Ray Bradbury short story where it rains and rains and the sun only comes out once every seven years for just a few short moments...

Ooops, gotta run Jax to Ash's house then off to get Dex from school.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Ok, I added a new template to my blahg. I hope you can read it ok.

I have no idea what TRACKBACK is or how it got to find out.
Stephen went back to work today. So far so good. Mondays are going to get crazier for us now though since as soon as I drop the kids off at Stephen's work, he needs to rush back here to the Plateau to take Jax to t-ball practice at 4:30 each Monday (and I will be at my regularly scheduled Monday psych appt).

Cars' second tooth made an appearance today. He slept miserably last night and I guess that is why. Funny, the first came up without any fussiness. He is also crawling all over but I have to watch out because he can easily climb up the step from the family room to the kitchen but then falls flat on his face going down that step. I guess I need to haul the gate out for that step.

Oh, kids are screaming for more to eat (lunch time) so better run!