Monday, August 22, 2016

Home from our holidays at the Oregon Coast. Great weather - no rain and not nearly as cold as usual. One bummer was that Spy and I were lectured by a park ranger for climbing past the fence to hike out on the cape. It is not against the law per se but in the past few months many teenagers have died or had to be rescued by doing dumb stuff so they are really discouraging people from hiking past the fence. Anyway, the park ranger told us, as we returned from our hike, that we were setting bad examples for the teens and young people around. It was kind of funny, especially if you knew what a scaredy cat I am and how I never, ever climb anywhere that is anywhere close to dangerous or go close to a cliff edge. So, we will abide by the park ranger's request and no longer hike out that way. It is too bad because it is so gorgeous out there!

R.I.P. Hiking Cape Kiwanda

Saturday, August 06, 2016

My baby turned 13 yesterday. I am the mom to all teenagers now. They are all so grown up!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

We returned home this week from a 12 day visit to Toronto and Chicago. We went to Chicago for my niece's wedding and we made the trip to Toronto to see my mom and my MIL. Originally I thought I would be flying with my mom to Chicago for the wedding but then my mom asked another one of my niece's to take her. In the end, my mom was too medically fragile and confused to travel at all. She was upset but I think also relieved that she did not go.

My MIL told us while we were there that she was considering ending her chemo treatments since they make her very ill and chemo is not curing her, only keeping her alive. When it was time to say goodbye, it was very hard because we knew it was for the last time. It was so devastating seeing that realization on my children's faces too.

The wedding was lovely and it was so nice to see the family who was able to travel to Chicago. However, 12 days away was too long. Glad to be home.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Toothless wonder...

The tooth saga continues. I had a consultation with the endodontist and scheduled the root canal for Thursday of this past week. He did say there was a slight chance that the root was fractured but he would not be able to tell until he "got in there". So, 4 needles to numb my mouth and lots of drilling later, I heard him say "Dr. E" and I panicked because I *know* that Dr. E is an oral surgeon (some of my friends have sent their kids to Dr. E for wisdom teeth removal. Then the endodontist stopped and told me that my tooth root was fractured on both sides (distal and lingual) so he was stopping the procedure and referring me to the oral surgeon to have my tooth extracted. WTactualF!

I was stunned and shocked. Only *really* old people lose their teeth. Ok, really I know this is not the case but that is all I could think at the time. Old people who do not take care of their teeth! Yes, I have a lot of fillings but that is because I have weak tooth enamel. I brush my teeth religiously! The cavities that I have had have always been on the chewing surfaces, not between my teeth so it is not a flossing issue. I guess I should have been more diligent about wearing my night guard since I clench my teeth hard at night. Would that have prevented this one from fracturing?!

So, he put a temporary filling in and sent me (conveniently) across the hall to the oral surgeon's office. I could not get an appointment until June 6 - 11 days from Thursday and here I was, with a temporary filling that had a 2 week lifespan! And the June 6 appointment is only a CONSULTATION! I asked to be put on a cancellation list and fortunately they called me back the next day so now I get to go in on Tuesday for my consultation.

And of course there is the vanity factor too. I will have a f*cking HOLE in my smile. Yes, a hole! Yes, it is near the back but it will still be visible when I smile. It seems that implants are the standard treatment for this but they are a h*ll of a lot of money.  In the meantime, I will have a hole in my smile while we go back home on vacation. OMG, I will have a hole in my smile.

The good news is that I hope to lose a pound or two (or 10) while all this goes on because my mouth still hurts (apparently the ligaments around the tooth is what is hurting, not the nerve since he killed it). It hurts to chew most foods. Thankfully, I can suck on chocolate.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened

I went to a new dentist yesterday. I changed dentists because the dentist I had been seeing for 17 years brought in another dentist to help out and I cannot stand the guy and for the past several visits, he is the only dentist available.

Anyway, yesterday was a new patient visit for me where they reviewed my previous records and x-rays, looked at my teeth, took photos, and asked if I were having any problems. I had been experiencing some cold sensitivity on one tooth. Looks like the tooth is cracking (I *should* be wearing my night guard for clenching) so he said I would need a crown (no surprise, the other dentist had been trying to "sell" me on that for a while - even before I started having problems but just to replace the amalgam filling with a porcelain filling or full crown. However, after further investigation, he thinks I might need a root canal first so I have been referred to an endodontist.

I left the office and by the time I got to my car, I was in tears! Off all of the problems I have had since turning 50 (chronic pain from hip bursitis and arthritis, thyroid nodules with recommendation of having my remaining thyroid removed, acid reflux, etc), this problem with my teeth make me feel the OLDEST! Or maybe it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I sat in my car and sobbed! Maybe I need to add emotional instability to the litany of old age problems?!

The only bright spot in all of this is that I am genetically pre-disposed to NOT have plaque build-up on my teeth so despite my infrequent flossing, my gums are healthy...for my age.

Friday, April 15, 2016

My Baby is 18!

Jax turned 18 yesterday. I have so many mixed feelings about it. I am sad that he will be gone from home soon. I am proud that he is a fine young man. I am happy that he survived to adulthood (how many times over the years, especially the early years was I sure that he was going to die from his peanut allergy?!). 

Since it is his first birthday as an adult (and last birthday spent at "home"), I wanted to make sure it was special. I went to the party store to buy a #18 candle but the lady at the party store talked me into buying this musical blooming candle instead. She said it was very impressive. She said I should be sure to light it in front of Jax so he'd get the full experience of the the centre lighting the other candles as it "bloomed".
Ok, as you can see, there are FLAMES shooting out of the centre, not a candle. Jax had to lean back to stop from getting burned. The candle also rotated around and played "Happy Birthady". So he blew out the candles but the thing kept rotating and playing Happy Birthday. I took it off the cake (Oreo pie actually) and the spring broke so it stopped rotating but kept playing Happy Birthday. We pulled it apart to get it to stop but on and on it played. DH pulled the electronics out of it and yet it played on! Finally, we had to rip the battery of out it to make it stop! OMG!
So, if the lady at the party store in Redmond tries to talk you into this candle, beware!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Miss Me?

Dear Reader (J), thanks for leaving a comment and asking for an update. I appreciate that you asked and are out there.

We had a really, really busy hockey season this year. Cars' team had so many away games the last few weeks so it seems that we were rarely home on the weekend, neglecting Jax and Dex! Anyway, it finally finished two weekends ago but now we have him on a Spring team that will practice in April and May and go to a tournament near the end of May. I did enjoy the season because I saw a lot more of Spy than in the past because her youngest was also on the same team. Cars had a great year and really enjoyed playing - more so than any other year.

Jax starts High School hockey shortly. One or two games/week and no practices. Easy peasy!

Dex did conditioning through the winter and Track season started two weeks ago. He is running longer sprints (400m) and is doing very well. He loves being part of something bigger than himself and he won the cross country "most spirited" award at the end of the cross country season in November. If there is a similar award for track, he may win that too!

Jax has been accepted at 6 universities. Two gave him no money at all and are both out of state so he has crossed those off of his list. Well, he was actually eligible for a "legacy" scholarship of $1250/semester at one of them (dh went there for his masters) but that barely touched the out of state fees. So this coming weekend, Jax and I are off to one of the remaining 3 universities for a weekend of activies to see if that is where he wants to go. He is definitely leaning hard that way. He did get a scholarship at that place but it is still a bit pricier than a state school however, he was accepted directly into the program that he wants to study whereas he cannot apply to the program at the state school until after his first year. So being in the program is very attractive to him (understandably). Anyway, he has to commit to a school by May 1st so he just has a few short weeks to decide.

My mom is doing remarkably better than she was. The week she moved into the nursing home, they put her on an anti-psychotic medication and within a couple of weeks she stopped sounding so crazy and paranoid that people were out to steal her "essence" and frame her for crimes. She is mostly back to her normal self which is really wonderful. She is still blind, of course, and it makes me so sad that she is living in the nursing home and cannot see. She still has her opinions though and told me the other day that my hair "looked like crap when it was long and grey". I reminded her that it was long and grey now and she told me that it was different now (different because I do get a few blond highlights in it to try to blend the grey).

We will be going to TO to see my mom, and my MIL. My MIL's cancer returned and chemo has not stopped it from spreading although it did stop what was there from getting bigger. Cancer is in her stomach, liver, kidneys, everywhere. She tried to get into an experimental treatment but found out last week that she was not accepted. So she will probably try another chemo drug as they look for another test for her. I feel so badly for her. And for DH. He is pretty mum about the whole thing but I know he is shaken up. Cancer sucks!