Monday, April 30, 2012

Today was a blustery spring day.  From time to time I would look out the window and it would look like snow as the cherry blossoms would fly from the tree in our backyard.  The sun is trying to shine right now but overall it was the perfect day to cuddle up with a book and a cup of tea and that is what I did. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Forget Me NOT!

I have been a little worried about my memory in the past few months.  I have forgotten appointments, my address, and my pin number.  And a lot of other little things.  I forgot that Jax had an eye appointment on Wednesday.  It has been rescheduled from earlier in the month when I had forgotten that both he and Dex had an appointment but the doctor's office happened to call to see if we could come in earlier and it was just enough time to get there for the current appointment time.  Jax was at a classmate's house working on a project, Cars had a playdate here with Spy's youngest and Dex was at Spy's house with her other son.  I changed the appointment to Cars and Dex (Cars' was scheduled for the following week) then packed the kids up, traded off kids and got there just in time.  Meanwhile, when they released the time of Cars' appointment to put Jax's name in there, the slot was taken so we were rescheduled for this week (which I forgot).  Now we are going at the end of next month.  I have put two reminders on my calendar on my phone so hopefully I will not forget.

I have also forgotten about appointments scheduled the same day for my kids. 

The address thing was freaky.  I happened to be going to the doctor the next day and I mentioned it (along with the pin thing which had happened the week before) and she said if it happened again she wanted me to go see a neurologist.  I don't know if the forgotten appointments will count.  I have a physical scheduled for the beginning of June so I will just mention it then.

It freaks me out because of the person I know who had Pick's Disease.  And having recently read "Still Alice"...Now after writing this it seems familiar.  Have I forgotten that I've already written about this??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My mom was here for a week and we had a very nice visit.  Of course she drove me nuts by telling me constantly to go to bed, asking me if I really need that (when making not wise food choices), and a few other things.  Mostly I let it roll off my back (getting easier to ignore it as we both age).  Overall it was a lovely visit as my kids had a blast with her and she so loves them and enjoyed spending time with them.

My inlaws are planning a visit this summer and they should be booking their trip soon.  Initially I thought "how nice" because that meant that we would not have go to Toronto during the summer for a visit.  However, my BIL called to remind Stephen that this summer will mark his parents' 50th so now Stephen is thinking that we might go to Toronto anyway.  This would be on top of our trip to the Oregon coast (which we are planning, nothing firm yet).

And speaking of summer. we had lovely summer-like weather last weekend and I am praying that we have an actual summer this year and not just a few warm days like last year.  We deserve it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Four weeks ago we went to the fundraiser auction for our kids' hockey association. I ran to the local nail place to get a pedicure the day of the event and they talked me into a manicure.  Up to that point, I had only had 2 or 3 manicures in my life.  I opted for the new shellac polish and my nails looked pretty good albeit short because I always keep my nails short (because I could never make them look nice and also out of habit for playing the guitar which I have not done in MONTHS).  Anyway, the shellac polish lasted two weeks and then I went to another salon and had another shellac manicure so my nails would look for Disneyland (why did I think that was important??).

Anyway, here we are, almost another two weeks later and my nails are LONG and they still look nice.  Although the polish is growing out, it hasn't chipped.  Both times I had a pale pink put on (though this second application was a pearly pale pink).  And since my nails are a little longer I don't look like I have man hands!  Now I am trying to figure out when I will go back for another manicure!  So impractical since it is hard to do wood carving with long nails and they were filthy after I re-potted some plants in the garden on Sunday.

Am I turning into a girlie girl at the ripe old age of 47?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wow - has it really been over a month since I posted on my blahg?  Sorry, faithful reader.

This past month has been a bit busy.  We took a trip to Victoria, BC for Cars' hockey team (won one game and lost three).  The weather was so beautiful.  We took the ferry over from the Vancouver area but the Washington State ferry back to Anacortes, WA.  Besides the hockey games, we walked around a bit, I took Carson to a zipline place where he refused to participate, and then we went to the Bug Zoo where this happened:
Yes, that is me holding a tarantula!  A big frigging spider!  Me! Holding a spider.  My heart was beating very fast and I felt a little queasy bit I felt so brave to be able to do that!  The thing was huge, like a small puppy.  Funny thing is I was still more frightened of the giant house spider that was behind glass than I was of this thing.  I am definitely not over my arachaphobia but I am much better when I see spiders.  No panic attacks! 

My 47th birthday also passed last month.  I cannot believe I am so close to being half a hundred!  I can remember teasing my dad about turning 50 and that doesn't even seem so long ago (of course it has actually been 31 years).  Stephen took me, Spy and her dh and Ash and her dh out for dinner to celebrate.  Our meals were all so yummy.  Then we went to a karaoke bar and I sang "Brown Eyed Girl".  So much fun!

Last week it was spring break and we took a family vacation to Disneyland/California Adventure  Before we left, only Cars was super excited about going.  I think that Jax thought it would be lame and Dex was just ambivalent.  However, we all had a lot of fun.  It was even fun making a game of getting Fast Passes and seeing just how long the lines really were.  I was not going to go on the big roller coaster that takes you upsidedown (California Screamin') but in the end I went and just closed my eyes when we went upsidedown.  I was absolutely terrified on the Mickey Fun Wheel, which actually sounds like a lot of fun. But the car we were in slide back and forth on rails and rocked and rocked while we went around.  I was trembling and I think my reaction scared Jax and Cars.  Dex was cool as a cucumber which is funny because he was so scared going on every other ride (until he was actually on them and he had fun). 

Anyway, I think we went to Disneyland while the kids were great ages.  They could all ride all of the rides, keep up with all of the walking and we could skip all of the kiddie rides.  :)

The boys went back to school yesterday after spring break.  There are just 12 weeks left of school.  My life is whizzing by!