Monday, August 22, 2016

Home from our holidays at the Oregon Coast. Great weather - no rain and not nearly as cold as usual. One bummer was that Spy and I were lectured by a park ranger for climbing past the fence to hike out on the cape. It is not against the law per se but in the past few months many teenagers have died or had to be rescued by doing dumb stuff so they are really discouraging people from hiking past the fence. Anyway, the park ranger told us, as we returned from our hike, that we were setting bad examples for the teens and young people around. It was kind of funny, especially if you knew what a scaredy cat I am and how I never, ever climb anywhere that is anywhere close to dangerous or go close to a cliff edge. So, we will abide by the park ranger's request and no longer hike out that way. It is too bad because it is so gorgeous out there!

R.I.P. Hiking Cape Kiwanda

Saturday, August 06, 2016

My baby turned 13 yesterday. I am the mom to all teenagers now. They are all so grown up!