Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Van needs an new oxygen sensor but of course they did not have the part (after taking 1.5 hours to find out what the problem was) and I have to go back another day during the week because they do not "like to install those kinds of things on Saturdays". It is not easy getting around Seattle with all the damn traffic. Note to self...never buy a car again if the dealership is 25 miles including a drive around one lake and across another.

Ramona found out today that she is perimenopausal so her fertility doctor told her she was out of luck in becoming a mother (save for donated eggs). She is devastated. I am heartsick for her.

My mom's thyroid nodule was growing again and she had it biopsied again - not cancer thank goodness. The chance was small but it was still there.

My fingers are calloused from trying to get all of this knitting down. No time for typing...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Stephen put up the Christmas lights today. Outside ones and the ones that line the front windows. I put out a few small decorations and I am itching to get the tree up. And I used to make fun of people who put their decorations up at Thanksgiving!

The friggin check engine light came on in my car again. I don't know if I should drive with it until I can get to the dealership in Seattle on Saturday or cancel my plans on Tuesday and drive in that day. I definitely cannot make it in tomorrow. The owner's manual says as long as the light is not flashing it is probably safe to drive.

Tomorrow is my last appointment with my psychologist that is covered by insurance. Until benefits are reset in January, I'd have to pay out of pocket for any visits I have with her in December. I am so cheap though that I cannot think it is worth dishing that money out on me. Shoot! I should have started going every other week sooner to make it last throughout the year.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Yesterday we went to Erik and Terry's for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a good time - it was nice not to cook/clean.

Today Stephen awoke early and went to Toys'R'Us because the one big item that we wanted to buy that was on sale for 50% off was SOLD OUT on the website (I ~knew~ we should have bought it earlier yesterday). Anyway, he did well and pretty much finished up the older two kids. Now all I really ahve to do is stocking stuffers and some clothing for Cars.

I watched HP3 tonight. It was really good. So much cut out of the book but I guess since the books are getting longer and longer there is going to be so much missing from the movies. Anyway, we had movie night up in our room because Stephen had some guys from work over for a card game.

I am about 1/2 way finished my SAHP swaps. Crap! Here I am the organizer and I don't know if I will get them out by the send date! Gotta get going!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Oh, and Dex has strep. Again. Now we need to go back in 2 weeks and test all 3 kids to see if they are strep carriers. Jax finishes his antibiotics in 3 days and hopefully Cars will not get it again.
So what kind of ninny goes to Costco the day before Thanksgiving? That would be me. I thought I was being clever and arrived a few moments after they first opened. Apparently thousands of others had the same idea.

I decided to go to Costco to buy a pumpkin pie. I remembered that I did not have a proper pie plate. After breaking the promise to myself last year to buy one, I concluded it would just be much less hassle to buy the $5.99 pie from Costco. It is enormous and it is cheaper than making a pie really (because I buy my pie crust, I cannot make it). It was a madhouse in there and were people elbowing each other out of the way to get to the pumpkin pies. In the case there were maybe on 20 left (not many for Costco) and everyone looked panicked (myself included). I parked the kids away from the ugliness and wheedled my way around the carts to get to the pies. Just then, they wheeled out a whole trolley of pies and you could hear the collective sigh as people realized they would not have to fight each other for the last few pies.

Then I maneuvered the cart over to the book section because my mother asked me to pick up a book for Stephen for Christmas. I found it without much fuss and we were on our way to find the big-ass can of nacho cheese (a Stephen request - he is having a card game here on Friday). I found it easily so we were able to leave. As I was making my way up the main aisle which was overcrowded with carts and people, a blind man with a white cane starts trying to make his way down the aisle to the back of the store. He was sweeping his cane and hitting carts to the left and to the right. Everyone was dumbfounded. No one could move out of his way because it was so busy. So they all just stopped. I cannot believe that no one from Costco offered to help him find his way to the back of the store (I heard him asking for directions). I would have helped him but I was boxed in by a couple of carts all the while keeping a firm grip on Dex's hand.

Anyway, we finally made our way to the check-out and I felt I caught a break because I found a short line. However, I had not looked in the carts of the people a head of me. The carts were brimming over and in he lines next to us, people had 5 or 6 items in their carts. Curses! I commented to the cashier that I could not believe how busy it was and he said "It *is* the day before Thanksgiving, duh!" So he did not not say duh but I know he was thinking it.

So that trip, for those few items took me ONE HOUR in the store. Another 15 minutes getting out of the parking lot and that was a trip I did not want to make ever again.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Met with Jax's teacher today for parent/teacher conference. She has shown us the progress he has made since September. He was graded "approaching level" for sight word vocabulary. I was concerned but the teacher said he had missed it by one word. She also said he has improved since his testing which was done.

I asked her about his speech, specifically the "TH" sound for S's. She is going to talk to the speech language pathologist to see if they want to test him. I am concerned about it because it is not getting any better so I do not see it going away anytime soon. So we'll see what happens next.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I subbed at Sunday school today. Wouldn't you know that my kid was the worst-behaved child in the class?! OMG I am so embarrassed! And I realize that this is probably not a one-time thing. I need to talk to the other teacher about it. The thing is, he might get kicked out of the class if this keeps up. These teachers are volunteers (read MOMS) whose children are in the class. Also, both teachers only have girls so I wonder if that is part of the problem - they don't know what to do with boys. I spoke to Dex and told him that he might get kicked out and have to spend the time with me in Mass rather than get to go to school for that hour. He told me class was "boring" and too long. I reminded him that he thought that church was more boring. He said he would behave better next time (in two weeks - no class next Sunday). I still cannot believe how badly he (to be fair - and three other boys) were in class. Not listening, running around the class, etc. Aargh!

Terry called to see if Stephen can go over and help move furniture for them. I said YES before asking Stephen (he took the kids to Costco) because Erik is getting sick again. Erik has some weird autoimmune disease that has damaged his lungs and he has no strength in his hands anymore. I hope Stephen doesn't mind that I said ok. Anyway, E and T are getting new carpeting in their family room. Just in time for all of us to spill stuff on it at Thanksgiving dinner! lol

I stepped on the scale this morning and was SHOCKED. I have gained 3 pounds in a few days. How is that possible? Ok, so I am not eating the best but c'mon! I am going to have my thyroid checked in two weeks when I go see my internist. While I don't wish my thyroid to be out of whack, I hope it explains this weight gain. In the meantime, I need to get a handle on this weight! I am now 12 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight and my post-pregnancy weight! I dropped all of that weight in no time and look at me - Cars is just nursing at night now really and I am still eating like I am nursing full-time. :
Tomorrow is the parent/teacher conference with Jax's teacher. I don't really have a lot of questions for her other than the low make on sight words. I am quite surprised at that actually. Anyway, I'll see what she says.

This week coming Jax goes to school M-W from 8:25-11:30. Then off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. Dex has no school W-F. Time to plan a few family field trips to make the week seem shorter!

Friday, November 19, 2004

I made dinner two nights in a row without burning one thing! I think that is a record. Last night it was teriyaki-pineapple chicken breasts with rice and peas. Tonight was pork tenderloin with feta/cucumber/tomato salad and peas (left over from last night). I am impressed with myself! :)

Dammit I bought more yarn today at Ben Franklin. I swore I was not going to buy anymore until I finished the santa hats for the boys. What am I thinking?!

My friend called me yesterday to ask me if I would be a reference for her (and her dh) for an application for adoption. They have been trying for about 4 years to have children to no avail so now they are hoping to adopt.

Time for bed. It is late and I have some sleeping to do!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And so it goes

Strep throat! Jax's turn again. This sucks. At least we caught it before he got really sick this time. He told me this throat felt funny and I looked and saw that it was really red so I made an appointment to see the doctor. Doc was sure it was just a virus because there was no fever or other symptoms (they don't consider whiny a symptom!). But since strap went through the family he tested him and lo and behold... So we left with a Rx for antibiotics and I pray that no one else gets it again. Cars just finished his antibiotics up today so hopefully he will be ok.

And Jax cannot go to school tomorrow because he is contagious until he has been on antibiotics for 24 hours. So no MOPS tomorrow morning and a looooong day ahead of me. I have to go to Michaels tomorrow so it will be challenging schlepping the three of them in there. I need greens and Christmas picks for Sunday because we are making an Advent wreath at church after Mass.

Ash gave me my Christmas gift today. She planted some tulip, crocus, and iris bulbs for me in our garden! I shall finally have some spring flowers! I am very excited about it. She even laid some chicken wire over the bulbs to keep the squirrels away, including the damned one who dug up and ate the pumpkin seeds I planted. And the flowers will grow up right in the sunny spot in the garden where the neighbours' cat sits so hopefully they flowers will drive it away! Besides, I don't want the cat scaring away the beautiful Stellar's Jays that are flocking to my bird feeder.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dex came out of the bathroom tonight calling "Mommy! There's a tarantula in the bathtub!"

Ok, so I knew it could not be a tarantula but remember our spiders? (you will need to scroll down a touch). ~shudder~ F*ck I hate spiders. I felt brave since it was "contained" in the tub and I was able to squash it with the fly swatter. F*ck I hate spiders. Have I mentioned that before?

So after cleaning up the spider guts, I decided it was bathtime. I filled the tub and put Cars in. Then I had Jax shower in the masterbath. After Cars was all cleaned up, I let him play for a moment and Dex decided he wanted to get in the tub with him. As Dex is about to climb in the tub Cars poops in the tub. Ok, remember that Flowgo website with the baby singing about "dumpin' in the tub"? Well, Dex recently found it bookmarked and has been playing it over and over again. So, he starts saying "It's just like that baby on the computer!". And it was ("Mom started screamin'/ I wondered what for") *sigh*

Then Stephen came waltzing in the door and wanted to know why all of the commotion.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday, Monday
Can't trust that day.
Monday, Monday
Sometimes it just turns out that way

Mondays always suck around here. I think it is because after two days off schedule it is hard to get back on. It did not help today that I slept in and had to get myself and three kids ready to go in less than an hour.

I went to see my counsellor for the first time in three weeks. She broke the bad news to me that my next session (two weeks today) is the last one covered by insurance this calendar year. So I will either go without seeing her for 5 weeks (eep!) or shell out the cash. We have such great insurance and I have been so lucky that I haven't had to pay for any sessions or even have a co-pay. It is just shelling out all that money at once, just before Christmas that is killing me! We'll see what can be done. It just might be my Christmas present.

I do know one thing I am getting for Christmas. My siblings and their spouses draw names and my sis has me this year. Which of course means that my mom buys me a gift and pretends it is from her. So, I ordered these boots. Now I can go out in the backyard with the boys in the winter. Our backyard turns into a complete bog and the rubber clogs I have do not keep my feet dry. Thanks for the boots, Sis.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Not much new. I was having some computer problems thanks to some spyware and it was a PITA to do anything on the computer. I spent a good part of today backing up documents and pictures, and deleting old programs so Stephen can install the new XP service pack.

Jax went to school only 2.5 days this week! Crikey! Thursday was Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day but the other 1.5 days he could clearly have gone to school like the other school districts around. Dex's school follows the Iss school district's calendar so he had school on Friday. Anyway, Ash suggested that on Thursday we go to Chuck E. Cheese. So we went, along with about every other parent with a child who did not go to school! I could not believe how crowded it was! But the kids had fun and that is what matters, right?

I knit a Santa hat for Jax. I finished it tonight (except for the pom-pom). It has 3 holes in it! I don't know what I did wrong. Luckily they were along the same area so I was able to weave some yarn and "sew" them up. Ugh!

Well it is late and I am tired. This blahg has become so blah!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I took the kids to SEARS on Monday night for their Christmas photo. The girl working there was not good and her manager or whatever kept commenting that people were waiting (nevermind that we had to wait 20 minutes past our scheduled time before we started). Anyway, I did get one ok picture of the three of them. I did not buy any individual photos of them - they all turned out rotten and really I had no intention of buying any but after the manager came in and told her to hurry along I let her set up and take individual photos. EvilOne has rubbed off on me and EvilPez lives!

And because I was so evil on Monday night, I paid for it today with a horrible migraine. It was so bad that I thought I was having a stroke. I had to ask Stephen to come home early from work (12:30) and I went to bed for several hours. I still hurt but now I am wide awake and cannot sleep.

Earlier tonight I was watching CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) and I watched an episode of
The Greatest Canadian. Tonight's episode was about Lester B. Pearson who was the Canadian Prime Minister and he created the UN Peace Keeping program (for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize). I really had not known much about him besides the Nobel Peace Prize thing and that he was the one who gave Canada its own flag. What a great man. He has definitely ousted Pierre Ellliot Trudeau as my "Greatest Canadian"!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Cars has strep. I took him in for his 15 month check-up and while she was checking him out I noticed he had a rash all over his torso. She checked his throat and said it was red. Quick swap test verified strep. I will never believe anyone who says that kids under 2 don't get strep. Dex had it before he was 2 as well and they tried to tell me then too that kids under 2 don't get it.

Anyway, Cars now has some anti-biotics and will be on his way to feeling better in no time. I also had Dex get the flu shot since Cars cannot have it due to his egg allergy. He didn't get any of the shots he was due for because he is sick. Also, I had no idea that MMR had egg in it (Jax had it before he was tested for allergies and Dex is not allergic) so I need to talk to the allergist since the ped said usually MMR is given in an allergist's office if the child is allergic to eggs.

I put out my cool bird feeder that I bought at the Craft fair on Saturday. It is a vintage teacup and saucer sitting on a copper pole (copper pipe). It is so cool. We've had tons of little birds in the garden since Saturday and I bought more bird seed today. And where birdseed is, squirrels are soon to follow and I saw one little bugger digging in my garden right where I planted the pumpkin guts and seeds! I think I might need to get some chicken wire and cover over where I am hoping to grow the pumpkins so the squirrel will not eat them all. I would even welcome the neighbourhood cats back to my yard to keep the damn squirrels away!

At the craft fair on Saturday I also saw some really cool things that have given me good ideas for back-up for the ornament swap if the things I am working on do not turn out. I bought a pretty pair of earrings that I may keep for myself or give to my SIL for Christmas. They are crystal so maybe I'll make a matching bracelet for a set.

Well, time to make Dex some lunch before I take him to school.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

I finished the hat last night now I am working on the holly leaves and berries. I'm on my third attempt...

Finally spoke to my mom today. My sis does not go in for her next procedure for 3 weeks then it will be another 1-3 months before her hysterectomy (health care in Alberta SUCKS! It would be better if she were living in Ontario). I guess they might move the date up if things are bad after her next procedure (which is to determine just how far the cancer has spread). This waiting must be torture for her. I cannot imagine.

Stephen is making corned beef for dinner. One of my all time least favourite meals. I am stiffling gags here. I hate-hate-hate corned beef but he is sure I will like it the way he is going to make it. This was a very regular meal in our house while I was growing up - corned beef, boiled potatoes and boiled cabbage. Sickening! I told Stephen I definitely would barf if he made the boiled cabbage so we are having peas in its place.

Cars has a fever so I think now he has an ear infection. Good thing tomorrow is he 15 month wellness check. No MMR shot tomorrow since he has a cold. We'll get it at 18 months (it was due at 12 months but I said no).

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cars is *finally* getting over his cold and sleeping for more than 1 hour stretchs. I swear I was about to go insane again due to lack of sleep. Seriously, I am sure last year that was part of what drove me over the edge. Oh and his molar popped through too so that is a relief for him (and me).

I finally finished DeniSe's scarf. I think I might need to add fringe (not sure how exactly to do that). We'll see. I did start knitting a hat for Fiona. I am actually using this pattern because the other uses size 9 needles and I do not have them. I also did not have the right sized circular needles so I am doing it all on dpn's. It is slow going because twice I have almost slid the stitches off the back end of them.

I haven't spoken to my mom in days. I am still put off about her Christmas decree. I spoke to my oldest brother and SIL and they said she has not asked them to do the same thing and they will not do it either. They have my sis's name in the Christmas draw and said they will buy her something but not send her any money they have budgeted for mom. SIL said that neither my niece or nephew bothered to cash the cheques she sent them for their birthdays this past year so she wonders if she sends them cheques for Christmas is they will be bothered to even cash them then.

Jax has a b-day party today and next Saturday. Both girls! lol I think it is cute that they invited him. One is the girl up the street who took the bus with him everyday last year. The other was in his class last year and they are in RE class together on Sundays.

I thought Dex was screaming upstairs but it turns out he is singing. He and Jax are practicing for when they are in a band. They like the song "1985" by Bowling for Soup (lyrics published in my blahg on 9.2.04). And they love the band Simple Plan. I think I will get them the new Simple Plan cd.

Time to run out to buy a gift for the party today.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

***Ok, because it is not my week to see my counselor I am ranting here and I am not very nice here***

My mother is a whack. She announced to me yesterday that she is telling each and every one of us that she does not want anything for Christmas and that we are to take whatever money we would have spent on her and send it to my sister so her kids can have a good Christmas. WTF?! I told her that was presumptuous of her and she became irate with me. She then told me that two of my cousins have given money to my sister over the years for Christmas and why can't HER children (meaning my mom's kids) do the same.

First of all, lady, I have given sister-dear money several times over the years and while she always professed that she would repay me, I never expected to be paid back (and never was). It is none of your business that I have given her money which is why you don't know about it.

Secondly, what makes you think that I was even going to buy you something? You tell me every year that you don't want/need anything so we always make a donation in your name to the food bank or in the case of last year, the Kindering Center where Dex received his speech therapy. This year it was to be The Food Allergy Network.

And for the record, I always send my niece and nephew Christmas gifts. And even sister-dear gets something for Christmas, even though I don't draw her name. Usually I send her money but last year I had decided not to send her money ever again so I sent her a bracelet that I made. I don't even know if it was received because, as usual, she could not be bothered to let me know if she received the package that included the gift and the gift certificates for her children.

And, sister-dear always says that we look down on her and make her feel like a loser. Imagine how she will feel when we suddenly send her a lot of cash at Christmas? "Here sis. You have cancer so here's some money." WTF is my mother thinking?!

Anyway, for the record. I do love my sister. I love her greatly. I have tried for over twenty-five years to stay close to her even though we have lived thousands of kilometers apart. She has consistently rejected most attempts at any contact. When she was working, she would occasionally send me an email and that is about it. She has only ever called me when my mom has been visiting me...except for the couple of times when she needed money.

I defended her actions - or rather made excuses for her - to my brothers for years. Stephen always told me that she was responsible for the choices that she made in her life. Yes, some rotten things have happened to her but she made the choices about how to respond to those things. And clearly her choices were not the same ones I would have made and rarely did her choices work out for her.

Last year though, I decided enough was enough. After her boorish behaviour at JP's wedding and her affront to my oldest brother, I decided that enough was enough and I would not condone her conduct or expose my children to it. For the rest of our time in Vancouver, Stephen kept the kids away from my family (so they were away from her).

And now she has cancer. And not just a few cancerous cells. She will be having a full hysterectomy apparently. She has to have another procedure this week to determine how far the cancer has spread. Hopefully not to her lymph nodes. I pray not to her lymph nodes.

I hate that I am angry about this. I hate that she is sick. I hate that my mother is completely wigged out. I hate that my niece and nephew are older and wiser than they need to be because of the poor choices their mother has made over the years. I hate this and I don't want to feel this way.