Saturday, March 23, 2013

We are enjoying the changes we made to the house last summer and now are considering updating more things.  Namely, the main bathroom.  We do not have a power room on the main floor (that is the problem with side splits, or back splits - no room!) so guests use the main bathroom which is also the "kids" bathroom.  It has never been updated except for the new faucet and lighting fixtures we put in a couple of years ago.  The tub, toilet and sink are beige and I want white.  Also, it has shower doors which trap all sorts of ickyness and are hard to keep clean.

I had a designer come by this past week and she will get back to me with a plan for the bathroom.  While I do want to upgrade the vinyl floor to tile and the acrylic tub surround to tile as well, I do not want to go broke doing it.  We really are not DIY-ers so we will be paying for the labour.

Looking forward to having a nice sparkly bath up there.  And one day we will work on the master bath/walk-in closet/dressing area.  One day...