Thursday, August 31, 2006

I met for nearly 2 hours with the school counselor, school psychologist and school nurse. They are not budging about having the classroom be peanut-free this year. They said they can "request" it and put up a sign ("No Peanuts Please" vs "Peanut-Free Classroom"). I have tentaively agreed to go with a Health Plan vs a 504 Plan to see how this works out. The school psychologist asked me to sign a form stating that we were all in agreement that Jax did not meet the eligibility requirements for a 504. I said I would sign no such thing because under WA State law, he does:

Does a student with a “life threatening health condition,” as defined by state law, automatically qualify as a disabled student under Section 504?
Yes. Because state law, SHB 2834, defines “life threatening health condition” as a
health condition that puts a student in danger of death during the school day if a
medication or treatment order and a nursing care plan are not in place, by definition, a student with a “life threatening health condition” has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, and qualifies as a disabled student under Section 504.

The nurse agreed that he did meet the requirement (anaphylaxis affects breating, one of the major life events covered under the 504). I have taken the position now that until it affects his school work, we will keep it as a Health Plan.

So, Stephen and I will review the Health Plan and we will discuss the peanuts in the class thing. We did not get much notice about the meeting this morning so he was not able to clear his calendar (mtgs re: shipping VISTA). I was mighty pissed off about it, btw.

The school nurse loved to say "He has to learn to live in the real world". No shit, Sherlock. That is one of the things that makes my blood boil. Jax does live the real world. Jax lives with the reality that PEANUTS and/or PEANUT BUTTER can KILL him. Or put him in a coma and leave him brain-damaged from lack of oxygen. How more friggin real can you get?!

Ok, time for me to calm down...we are off to meet the teachers now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Taking Care of Business

Today is "Taking Care of Business" Day for Cars' school. I have to take in all of the forms such as emergency contact list, immunization records, his Epi Pen and authorization form from the allergist, etc. Oh, and I probably need to take in the school supplies (I still haven't found that Bingo Art kit!).

Cars' preschool is at our church however, because there is no school at our church, they made an agreement with a sister church (and school) to run the preschool. So, all payments, correspondence and, of course the "Taking Care of Business" Day takes place at the sister church. Yes, at the sister church which is 8 miles away (and off the Plateau, battling traffic away) versus our church which is 1.75 miles away (only three stop lights away). But first I must drive to the allergist's office which is in the opposite direction. Ok, quickly figuring it all out...a total of nearly 34 miles today. And not fun miles. It is 34 miles on city strees and in Seattle-area traffic, where Stephen's approximate 10 mile commute takes 35-45 minutes, it is a long drive.

Anyway, I am still waiting for the school psychologist to call me back. I was really hoping to have the 504 plan in place before the first day of school but of cousre this is not going to happen. We had better not have the same problems with peanuts in the classroom on the first day like we had last year. I do not want to pull Jax out of school everyday at lunch again like we did for the first week last year. That was stressful on all of us.

Eeek! I just had a phone call that a MOPS meeting scheduled for this morning has been moved to MY HOUSE! Gotta go!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Over the past few weeks I have heavily censored my blog. For a number of reasons but in part because someone I had mentioned in passing in an entry found my blog when he searched for himself on GOOGLE. Who knew that blogger was searchable? Or that my blog would come up in one of the first couple of pages of results? Anyway, it was never my intention that he would see or read it. I did apologize to him for having using his full name. And I appreciate his apology to me.

And then I started thinking that really I had been self-censoring for a while. Two of my three bothers (not a typo ;) read my blog. One found it when I had forwarded a site to him and there was a link to my blog on it. Darn, so no more talking about him or his family. ;)

So, I often look through my site meter to see what is being looked at on my blog. That is when I found out a lot of hits on a photo of my three boys in a pool. Strange that people in Malaysia, Europe, Australia and all over the USA just "happened" to find that picture. So, that is when I deleted most of the pictures of my kids off my blog.

Anyway, while checking out the site meter a few days ago, I saw that someone came to my blog via June 2005 archives then proceeded to read through most of my blog. Hmmm, I wonder what was so interesting about that month and who on earth did I know in Stouffville, Ontario? The only one I could think of was my Grade 5 teacher. So, I went to June 2005 and lo and behold, my Grade 5 class picture (I had forgotten I had posted it) with Mr. L (again, I have since edited out his name).

So, I started wondering what was on my blog that I would not want anyone to read. Mostly stuff about the outlaws so I went through and edited a few things out. Then I was cross with myself because I did not want to edit my blog. I deleted an old blog because I was doing the same damn thing when I had misgivings about having written about Crybaby.

No more. No more censoring. No more editing. I will own what I write. I will stand by it.

So, here it is. My blahg. Like it or lump it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 51

This is the last week of summer! I am looking forward to September and the kids going back to school. We have had a lot of fun but I think we are all looking forward to time away from each other (at least I know *I* am - does that make me a mean mom?!).

Today, I am dedicating to taking care of back-to-school business and the list is long:

1) Contact School Psychologist to find out status of 504 Plan for Jax
2) Drop off Epi Pen(s) and Benadryl and appropriate forms at school (after I assemble the allergy med kits, with all the correct signed forms and meds)
3) Leave message with school to ask that Jax's teacher send out a note to all students on Meet'n'Greet day (Thursday) stating that classroom is peanut-free
4) Get copy of immunization record for Cars
5) Get Authorization for Adminstation of Medication at school form for Cars for his Epi Pen Jr. (I cannot believe I totally spaced on this - probably because his skin test was negative!)
6) Get rest of school supplies (baby wipes, kleenex for Dex; Sketch pad for Jax; play-doh, Bingo-Dot Art kit (?!), box of quart sized ziploc bags for Cars)
7) Make sure folders and lunch bag fit in Dex's backpack, and if not, order him a new one (he has a "jr" backpack that he used last year and it is still in great shape but it is a little small)

And hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a little summer fun before the day is over.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anyone have a spare $32k laying around?

Because I would love to add this Pez to my collection. It is a prototype for the 1982's World's Fair but it never went into production. The current bid is $32,205.00 but I have read that some people estimate that it could be worth as much as $100,000. Wow!

I'll have to settle for these Pez Ornaments. And hope I don't get sniped in the next few hours.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 50(!)

Ok, the sun came out. The temperature rose so off to the water park we went. It was a great time. Ash and her clan were there too so it worked out well with adults tag-teaming with the kids. We all are a little pink (forgot to re-apply the sunscreen after a few hours), a little scraped (the wave pool can really knock you off your feet!), and a lot tired.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 49

We went to the Pacific Science Center today and the kids had a great time. The exhibits there are really great - although some are exactly the same as some at Telus Science World, where we went at the beginning of the month in Vancouver.

Anyway, there was a special exhibit called GameOn with over 100 video and arcade games ranging from Pong up to new Xbox 360 games. It was a blast I forgot how fun it was to play Space Invaders, Galaga and Asteroids. And, of course, Tetris, which is very near and dear to me. I used to play it for hours on end when I was stressed and no one could ever touch my high score. Stephen, who prided himself at being a gamer, was always in awe of my high scores. And true to form, I even made high score today at the exhibit!

However, I must say that my reflexes are not what they were and years of working on a computer has caused repetitive stress injuries (RSI), specifically tendinitis and bursitis, and they have flared up. So, after playing video games for a few hours, I need to take some ibuprofen. How sad is that?!

Oh, and speaking of Tetris, I saw a Lexus with a licence plate that said TETRIS at the club last Tuesday. I figured the car probably belongs to Alexey Pajitnov who is the inventor of Tetris. He now works for BigSoftwareCompany and he also invented one of my other favourite puzzle games, Hexic.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 48

Not much going on today. We took the boys for haircuts. Well, Cars did not have one because he kicked up such a fuss so Stephen decided that was that. I was in a different salon with Jax at the time so luckily I did not have to endure the terrible three's that Cars has developed seemingly overnight.

Stephen has now taken the older two to a movie and I am home with Cars. He fell asleep quickly after we arrived home so no doubt his tantrum at Great Clips was partially from him being so tired.

It is cool again today. This really stinks. We are still hoping to hit the water park later this week.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 47

Ok, so where did the summer weather go? We had plans to go to the water park today. And Stephen was hell-bent on fulfilling those plans. Even when I told him the high today was going to be only 70. And it was overcast and chilly this morning, he insisted we go. So, we drove off, bundled up in sweatshirts. The kids complained that it was cold. We went anyway.

We decided that if it were still chilly when we got there (well, *I* knew it would be - only Stephen was hopeful), we would go on some of the non-water rides until it warmed up. Forty minutes later as we are getting off the highway, it started to rain. Not a lot but enough. I demanded that Stephen pull over. He got out of the car and yes, it was too cold. And it was spitting. And we had no rain gear with us. So, we turned around and headed to Seattle and the boys had a blast at Gameworks. We were there for three hours (well, I took a time-out and went to Old Navy and Eddie Bauer). The sun finally came out at 4:15 and we walked through Pike Place Market as the vendors were closing up shop.

Stephen just really, really wants the kids to have fun. His heart was in the right place and he was sooo optimistic. So, we are going to try to go again to the water park on Friday when the weather is supposed to warm up to the high 70's. Wish us luck!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 46

Dex decided he wanted to play in the tournament after all so Stephen took him today and Stephen acted as score keeper for that group of four 6-year olds. Dex had a really good time even though he did not win a trophy (he only entered the tournament because he thought he might win one - not because he particularly wanted to golf!) lol

Jax, Cars and I went to the park and met Ash and her kids there. They played in the woods, rode bikes and ran through the spinklers on the outfield of the ball diamond.

Oh, and it looks like we were a little premature in celebrating about Cars' food allergies. His RAST test came back and while he has outgrown his egg allergy, he still shows a low positive for milk. So, the doctor wants us to keep doing what we are doing (give him milk in baked goods, etc but no milk, ice cream, yogurt or cheese). We'll retest him next year. :\

Sunday, August 20, 2006

As I suspected, Stephen does not want to move back to Toronto but he somehow thinks that is exactly what I want. Thus the onus on me to make the decision (which is very, very unfair). Of course I want to live where he will be happiest, which I know is not Toronto. Going backwards is what he always called it.

Anyway, after a looooong conversation last night we are staying here, as I knew we would. But, we will do things to make this more our home, whether is it look for a house in an area where we really want to live (i.e. closer to Big Software Company to lessen his commute and to a place with some diversity and public transit) or just invest more time into exploring our home state. So there you have it. Oh, and I get to go visit my friends more often. Ramona, watch for me! :)

And just to top off this turmoil, Killjoy is coming for a visit at the beginning of October. She has decided she wants to take a train ride across Canada so it will take her 3 full days to get here (and at a cost of about 4x what an airline ticket would cost!! Outrageous!). The boys are excited to see her which is nice. She wants to teach me how to make Christmas cake and has already asked for Christmas lists for all of us so she can shop before she comes! I cannot believe it.

Actually, I can...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 45

This morning it was very chilly in the house. It definitely feels like summer is ending. I am worried that it won't be warm enough next week to take the kids to the water park. We did not make it last year for the same reason. Next summer, Stephen definitely needs to take vacation earlier in the season.

Nanny came today and I went back-to-school shopping for clothes for the boys. I went to Fred Meyer then headed off to the factory outlet stores in North Bend. I found some great deals, especially on Stride Rite shoes for Cars. OMG, I will never buy my kids shoes at Nordstroms again!

Stephen told me last night that there is a huge re-org going on at work. He said it would be a good time to consider moving back to Toronto. WHAT?! He said he is going to have a great review/bonus so he could take that and find a job with Big Software Company in Toronto. Otherwise, he is digging in his heels here and his career will grow. But, he said, it was up to me. Completely my decision. That is so not fair!

I have lamented sometimes about moving "home" but mostly it is about seeing family and friends. I don't actually WANT to move to Toronto. First of all, Big Software Company is not actually located in Toronto but in a western suburb so we would not be able to live close to family (the east end or east of the city). Nor could we live where I want to live (uptown) because the commute would be insane. We'd live in someplace like Acton! Is it worth the drive? (inside joke for any Torontonians).

Next, I hate-hate-hate the winters in Toronto. They are cold and wet and grey and slushy. At least when we lived in Minneapolis, wile the winters were cold, the snow was not slushy and we would have wonderfully clear blue skies (there are no clouds when it is 40 below).

Toronto summers are horrible too. Hazy, hot and humid. The skies are not blue then either because of the smog and pollution, which leaves a grey/yellow haze floating over the city. Complete migraine weather. Ick!

Don't get me wrong, Toronto is a great city! So many things to do and see. My history is there - both good and bad. It is "home", it is definitely not my home anymore. Nor do I want it to be. I am not sure I could say that with as much certainty 2, 6 or 10 years ago. Of course when I moved to the States 13 years ago, it was with full intentions of moving back to Toronto when Stephen finished his PhD. It did not work out that way but that is fine. Move now?! No, it is not that easy. Not what I want. However, if he said "Let's move to Vancouver", I'm in! ;)

In the meantime, we need to have a serious chat before we make any life-altering decisions here...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 44

I organized a day at the beach today for everyone, only to wake up to an overcast, 60 degree morning. Ash was sure the sun would come out so we headed out anyway and arrived at noon. It was still chilly but the clouds did blow away and the sky was blue. We ate lunch in the park area and it had warmed up by the time we finished so we headed to the beach. One nice thing was that our group was the only one on the whole beach for the first hour or so (5 moms and 12 kids).

Jax of course dug a hole. Dex had a crying fit because I did not bring his floatie. Cars dumped sand down his bathing suit then demanded I clean it out (he has become quite sassy since turning three!).

Now I am attempting to cook dinner (beer can chicken). The last time I made this I undercooked the chicken, knocked it over and had to throw the whole thing out (and nevermind that I also burnt the top of my Lazy Daisy cake while it was under teh broiler because I thought I would just be a second while I stepped outside to get the chicken off the grill).

So, no cake tonight. I am just serving raw veggies, salad and bread. Easy? I hope so!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 43

Again, another boring day for the kids (according to them). They played outside, they watched Return of the Jedi, they played with their Star Wars Lego and action figures but still oh-so-boring. Lucky me, I got to clean.

We also had a quick trip to Michaels because I needed paint brushes. I forgot that I had a meeting for MOPS tonight to help out the table leaders decorate their "Fresh Air" themed table center pieces and I said I would bring the paint brushes for the Modge Podge. I thought it was tomorrow night! So, now Stephen has to come home early (he works late on Wednesdays) and I cannot walk with Neighbour.

Ash found out yesterday that Gav was accepted into one of the choice schools in our school district (she tried to get him into the gifted program last year but his scores fell just short of the minimum so this was an alternative she looked into for him). This school is not located at our local school. She is still undecided about whether to send him or not but definitely leaning towards doing it. I feel a little sad that I won't see her everyday at the park after school while our kids play. I haven't really said anything to Jax yet about it because I know he will really miss playing with Gav and he was hoping they would be in the same class this coming school year.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Looks like Cars has outgrown both his egg and milk allergies! No positive skin test. He had blood drawn and we will know next week if he shows any allergy that way. If all is well, we will do a food challenge for eggs (no need to for milk because he eats cheese on pizza and Parmesan Gold Fish crackers with no problems).

Jax was happy for Cars but I could tell he was a little disappointed too because now he is the only one in the family with food allergies. And also because he has never outgrown his egg allergy (though it is slowly tracking that way) whereas Cars has outgrown it with the first re-test.

The doctor filled in the appropriate school forms for Jax's Epi Pen and said he is at the age where he could carry it on his person if we thought he was mature enough to do so. I think we probably will not do that just yet.

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 42

We are off to the allergist today for appointments for Jax and Cars. Jax's is more to renew Rx's and to get the doctor to sign forms for school and discuss her input on the 504 Plan. For prick time! Poor thing will be tested for milk (and probably egg) to see if he is outgrowing (has outgrown?) his food allergies. Wish us luck!

Afterwards, we will pick up Dex, who will be going to work with Stephen, then head to a park near Big Software Company. After that, home for a couple of hours before we head back out so I can work out while Stephen takes the kids swimming (just two sessions left with the personal trainer!). Oh, and I am *still* doing laundry from the camping trip.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 41

Last day of golf for the boys. Dex has decided he wants to play in the tournament next Monday. I will have Stephen take him (afternoon tourney, dinner at the golf club).

I spent the majority of the day doing mountains of laundry that was generated from our camping trip. At times like this I wish I had two washers (or a cleaning lady to do it!). Cars watched Star Wars and napped.

Last January, I wrote about the mom of one of Jax's classmates who has a form of dementia (H.). Her son was in Jax's class last year and on his baseball team. There were some odd moments from I. during baseball season and at school. Including the day in June when she drove into Ash's car and drove away laughing about it. Ash was very upset (understandably) but mostly from the point-of-view that perhaps H. should not be driving. Well, on Friday while we were packing up our van for the trip, and Ash had stopped by to drop off dry ice for the cooler, H. was walking by and stopped in to say hello. She told me that it is official, the doctor told her she is not allowed to drive anymore. I feel so badly for her...and her sons, especially the one in Jax's grade because it is a long walk to school otherwise. I cannot commit to driving him everyday but certainly I can do it once/week or something. Anyway, I will call them close to the start of school and offer to drive when I can.

Then she went right up to Jax and said "You know my brain is atrophying, right? Well, now the doctor says I cannot drive". He looked at her and nodded. I know he knew because her son had told Jax and her son was in the Leadership/Friendship class that Jax was in. Jax told me that they made her "Get Well Soon" cards in that class. Not sure why the guidance counselor would think that was a good idea when H. clearly has a chronic condition. One of the symptoms of her disease is inappropriate behaviour which I think her behaviour was on Friday (and when she told Stephen something back in June that we really did not need to know). It is so sad and also scary to know that these kind of diseases can happen and there is no known cure or even treatment!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


We are home and we survived our very first camping trip! We had a lot of fun, especially the boys. They loved playing in the woods, the dirt, digging holes on the beach (guess who did that?), s'mores and "Crazy Sleep Night" in a tent. We had so much fun, we are now on the look-out for our own tent.

Top 10 Things I learned on while on the camping trip:

1) I can build a fire! (Thanks in part to Survivor).
2) One can never have enough food, especially ingredients for s'mores
3) Park Rangers love to tell campers who stay up late around the firepit that it is illegal to be intoxicated in a Washington State Park. They will tell you several times. Two nights in a row. Whether you are intoxicated or not
4) If you lose a tooth while camping the tooth fairy will not visit you (well, it was actually Jax who learned this)
5) Tent envy runs rampant
6) Camping while potty-training a child is not as hard as I imagined it to be
7) Six year olds cry really hard if you accidentally throw their marshmallow stick on the fire
8) The ocean is very cold but children do not seem to notice
9) Do not pack fruits and vegetables close to the dry ice blocks in your cooler
10) No matter how careful you are, sand and grass always get in the tent, in the sleeping bags, in the luggage, in the car, etc

We were able to take the boys' bikes thanks to a co-worker of Stephen's who lent him a bike rack (the kind that hooks/straps on). We took one of the seats out of the van and were able to cram everything into so we did not need to use the soft roof-top carrier.


We've arrived!

Our borrowed tent is up

Breaking in the new camp stove

A chilly day at the beach

The kids do not notice the cold

Jax digging holes

Sitting around the campfire

A slew of pictures can be found
here. J. took tons of pictures which turned out much better than mine so I hope to get a cd from her with all of the photos on it.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 40

Ocean, here we come!

We are off on our camping vacation. Ill-prepared and over-packed, of course. Our neighbour insisted that we borrow his camping lanterns, telling us that flashlights would not cut it. Then he called us the Griswolds and wished us luck. We're going to need it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 39

Another day of no fun planned for the kids as we run out and buy last-minute camping supplies. Yesterday, one of the families with whom we are going told me that they had no idea that we were sharing meal planning so looks like we are all on our own for meals which is fine with me. Especially since I was bringing separate meals anyway because Kraft dinner was planned for the kids Friday night (Cars' milk allergy) and eggs for breakfast (Jax and Cars' egg allergies). Just needed someone to bring peanut butter and we would have a food allergy hat trick. (Note to self, pack extra Epi Pens and map to nearest hospital).

Anyway, Stephen still hasn't decided on which camping stove to buy. Now he is looking at an even MORE expen$ive one that has a grill as well as a burner. Good thing it is almost bonus time at work. He also want$ to have a bike rack/hitch in$talled on the van (did I mention that already?) a$ oppo$ed to one you ju$t $strap on that co$ts about a quarter a$ much. Unfortunately (or fortuntely?), it take$ five day$ to have in$talled $o there i$ no time before thi$ camping trip $0 the kid$ will have to make do without their bike$.

And to make our first camping experience a delightful one, we have this lovely weather to look forward to:

Fri Aug 11 AM Clouds / PM Sun 61°/49°

Sat Aug 12 Mostly Cloudy 64°/51°

Sun Aug 13 Mostly Sunny 71°/54°


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I meant to post these pictures last week from our trip to Vancouver.

First, here is a photo of Leah Ann and I. She says I am shrinking but she had thick-soled shoes on whereas my feet were bare:

This is everyone in our hotel room: Dex, Cars, Stephen, Jax, Jean-Paul, Marilyn, Kris, Al, Leah Ann and Roman

Cars climbing on Lego at the LEGO®: Secrets of the Pharaohs exhibit. It was so cool!

And yes, Cars wears this shirt almost every day. In most pictures from this Summer O'Fun, he is wearing it. He begs me to wear it So. I wash it often.

And this one is for Kross-Eyed Kitty because I know she would love it:

King Tut

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 38

First day of rain since July 4th. It has stopped now and it is overcast. I have spent the day pacing around trying to figure out how we will pack all this camping shit in our van. Right now I am wishing we had purchased a larger one (the MPV is about 11" shorter in length than a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna or Dodge Grand Caravan).

I am so super stressed about this camping trip. I am thisclose to saying "frig it" and not going. From the fact that everything will not fit in the van, to menu planning for 17 people, to my husband who thinks that the $25 camping stove must be a piece of crap so we *need* a $70 one. Emotional eating, here I come.

Yesterday, I took Jax and Dex to the doctor for a wellness check. They had not been in for wellness checks since they turned 5 (last year for Dex, three years ago for Jax). Today is Cars' 3 year old wellness check.

Off to fold some more laundry and pace the floor some more.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 36

Golf today for Jax and Dex. I introduced myself to the director today after I had to send him a note last week because some cretin child pushed a candy bar with peanuts in Jax's face after Jax and Gav asked the kid not to eat the candy bar at their table. Fortunately, the bar did not actually touch him. The kid said he didn't believe there was any such thing as a peanut allergy and when Jax and Gav got up and moved away, the kid followed them, taunting Jax. I was so proud of how Jax (and Gav) handled it but Jax told me he was unsure what to do when this kid kept harassing him.

I wanted the director to know it had happened and that Jax needed a safe place to go should this happen again. Geez, I was really not expecting this shit until middle school. The cretin child apparently was not there today. Next week is the last week so hopefully he will not be there then either.

While Jax and Dex were at golf, I took Cars shopping for sleeping bags and looked at other camping gear. Our camping trip is this weekend and I am starting to panic about it - the supplies that we do not yet have, the food planning, what about bugs and critters and worst of all - it is only going to be in the low 60's on the weekend!!! We are going to freeze our asses off! Nooooo! It had better not rain or I will not go.

And our van is small so I worry about getting all the stuff into the van. We may take out one of the middle seats and pile the sleeping bags and pillows there.

Ok, off to check out a Camping for Beginners article on

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Crappy Pictures

Cars' birthday pictures. Yes, I have fired dh as photographer.

Crappy Pictures

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cars!

Cars is three! How did that happen? Really, how did it?

We had his birthday party today - Pirates of the Caribbean. There was a beanbag toss, pin the treasure chest on the pirate map, they made pirate jewelry, wore pirate bandanas, eye patches and played with balloon swords (we sent them home with plastic ones).

We decided to have a bbq with the families rather than just kids so it was nice to have adult interaction along with the kiddie stuff. I goofed twice though when I 1) put 3-7 on Laurie's invitation instead of 4-7 so she showed up early while we were still getting ready and 2) I served her a salad with wonton noodles and she is allergic to wheat! OMG, I was horribly embarrassed.

Other than that, the kids did have fun. The balloon swords were a bit hit (although they burst easily - I think we went through almost the whole bag of 100 balloons).

I will try to post some pictures later. Stephen was in charge of the camera so there were not many pictures nor good pictures!

Happy birthday to my dear, sweet baby.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summer O'Fun 2006 Day 34

A quick review of the week... Monday was golf (I posted about that). Tuesday, we went to the locks and watched some boats go up and down (love those big barges and tug boats). Then we visited the fish ladder and saw them tagging and measuring salmon. The highlight for the kids though was rolling down the large grassy hill.

Wednesday morning we left bright and early and drove to Vancouver. We met my cousin and her family at Science World. The kids enjoyed it but I thought they would be wowed by the "LEGO®: Secrets of the Pharaohs" exhibit but they really did not care about it as much as the adults did!

Then we left and checked into our hotel. Because we decided to stay overnight just a couple of days before we went, and it is summer time (high tourist time), I could not ask my brother to get us a discounted room at a Starwood hotel. So, I just booked it on He did ask me to send him my confirmation number though and he had us upgraded from a double room to a two-bedroom suite!! It was fantastic! Two bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a sitting room with a couch, chairs and a dining table. Plus we were in the north side of the north tower and had an awesome view of the Celebration of Light fireworks. We met up with my cousin and her family as well as Jean-Paul and Marilyn for dinner and then we went back to the hotel to chat.

It was fun although later in the evening, a short, heated discussion about my relationship with my sister ensued. Both Jean-Paul and Killjoy have mentioned several times over the past couple of years about me not speaking to my sister or being mad at her. Excuse me but she does not speak to me so I have chosen not to call her because, as I have mentioned before, there is only so much rejection I can take. So, I made it perfectly clear (in probably a bit of a raised voice), that it was not me, it was her and I would be perfectly willing to talk to her if she would ever pick up the phone when I called. Which she never does. And there you have it.

Ok, so I was writing about how great our trip was and now I am talking about my sister rejecting me...not what I wanted to do.

Soooo, anyway, today we went to Granville Island so the kids could buy a toy and then we met Jean-Paul for lunch because his work is located on Granville Island. Then we left, stopped at Safeway to stock up on Canadian potato chips, Canadian Cheez Whiz, Pea Butter, and peanut-free Smarties.

Our drive home seemed endless because of a long delay at the border and then we hit rush-hour traffic in both Everett and then right here close to home. I think it took us 5 hours from the time we left Granville (we did stop at the grocery store and for two potty breaks) until the time we arrived home (it should be a 3 hour trip).

Anyway, it was great to see my cousin and her family. Her kids are great (as is her dh) and it was nice to see them again too. I feel spoilt because I have seen her 3 times in the last 16 months (vs just once in the three years before that!). And it was nice to see Jean-Paul and Marilyn too. We used to see more of each other however, since they bought their house, they spend most of their weekends working on it.

Tomorrow I will be frantically trying to prepare for Cars's 3rd BURR-dee PAH-dee (as he calls it). I still need to make a Captain Jack Sparrow bean-bag toss game and a pin-the-eyepatch-on-the-pirate game. Oh, and shop and clean and order balloons, etc.

Off to get some sleep so I will have energy for that!