Monday, May 10, 2004

I don't think I like this new format of blogger...

Dex got to swim again at the same time as Jax today. Three times in a row now and that has been a big help to me so I haven't had to make 2 trips there on swim days. Jax is doing so well at swimming. I will sign them up for one more session then that is it until next year.

Cars wants to stand all of the time these days. He has tried "walking" towards us but really what he is doing is facing us and throwing his body forward. Not much leg movement going on except with the push wagon.

Got approved for a home equity loan for the roof. We decided not to deplete our entire savings for it. We'll pay it off sooner than the length of the loan but it is nice to know the payments will be low on the months that we need them to be. Now if I could only get some damn roofers out to give me bids. I have one and it is good. I would go with it but I cannot just go on one bid alone.

Well, I should STEP.AWAY.FROM.THE.COMPUTER because I have lots to do.

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