Thursday, May 27, 2004

Allergist said it is probably just Jax's grass allergy acting up because we are having a bad grass season and he is highly allergic. So now we get to give him Zyrtec everyday for the next two months and see what happens after that. Today there were no hives thanks to Zyrtec.

Getting ready for Dex's dino party. I hope that it does not rain. Anyway, we are going to fill the pool with sand and rocks and the dino skeleton and let the kids dig up the bones and then reconstruct the skeleton. I also painted a dino on a box and cut out the mouth so we'll have feed the dino game. The kids will also decorate their goodie bag. Then they will go and find the papier-mache dino eggs. Then cake. I hope that fills 2 hours.

A friend called me today. She decided she had enough of working in an industry that she hated (IT) and she quit her job. She is now working with a "life coach" to try to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Good thing she had such a well-paying job for so many years to be able to afford to quit. Her dh finally got hired on fulltime with that shoe company so they have good benefits. She has also not been able to get pregnant so I think that probably had a lot to do with her decision to quit.

Mom told me today that Mickey and his best friend went camping this weekend and his friend, Sean, dove into the lake and broke his neck. He is completely paralyzed and Mickey is blaming himself because at the time it happened, he had gone back to the campsite. Judi swears that she "knew" something bad was going to happen and she tried to talk him out of going. Poor Sean and his family. I cannot imagine the pain his mother must be going through. And poor Mickey. He doesn't want to go back to school. Sean was his champion. Sean looked after him at school. Was really his only friend there and I think Mickey will be so lonely when he returns to school (he didn't go back this week). I hope he goes home each weekend for the rest of the school year to stay with Judi.

My eyes! My eyes! I found the blog of a whack and I just cannot seem to tear myself away from it. It is stunning to read. Amazing what people can make themselves believe.

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