Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Mom's birthday was yesterday. I took her to DC's Grill (sans Stephen and children lol) for the free steak & lobster dinner. It is a huge, yummy, $50 dinner for free! I had the garlic prawns. Yummy.

Cars was up most of the night and mom stayed up with him which was wonderful! He has a fever and was screaming from about 8pm until midnight last night when he passed out from sheer exhaustion. He seems much better this morning, still warm but no screaming. I think I will call the doctor's office again and take both him and Dex in today. Dex has another sinus infection, I believe. Actually, I do not think the last one cleared up completely then he got another cold and lo and behold, more green snot.

I have been using this mould to create a Plaster of Paris dinosaur skeleton for Dex's birthday party. Ash lent me the mould. It is so cool! Anyway, our plan is to bury the skeleton in sand in the baby pool and let the kids excavate it and find one piece each. I am also making papier mache dinosaur eggs. I have seven almost done. I'll stuff them with a couple of plastic dinos and a pkg of dinosaur fruit snacks. This will be the "loot bag". I am having fun planning this party!

The little girl two doors down comes over everyday and rings the door bell about twelve times. She loves Jax and always wants to play with him. It would be cute if 1) Cars were not sleeping during the times when she rings the bell and he is usually woken up by it and 2) if should would leave when I say "Jax is at school" and not ask "Why?" over and over again. Last week Nosey Neighbour and her daughter were over and M came calling and I told her that Jax already had a friend over so sorry he could not play with her. She would not leave and when she finally did she apparently went home and told her mom that she hated Nosey Neighbour's daughter! Oh my!

Gladys Kravitz Watch
Sheila across the street is spending too damn much time on her lawn and making us look bad!

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