Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Not so ho-hum today.

This is my day to bitch. Besides the post at HER TIME about Jax and the peanut butter incident, I had another lovely thing happen today. It is funny now but I was horrified and embarrassed when it happened...

After I picked Jax up from school, I went looking for a new stroller and after striking out at Toys'R'Us (they only had two umbrella strollers), I decided to stop at a hoity-toity baby store because I knew they would have a good supply of strollers to look at. I have my eye on one stroller that I found on sale online but I wanted to look at it in person first.

So my three boys and I go trotting into this highfalutin store (do you see where this is going?). I ask them to walk directly to the stroller section. I see the stroller I am interested in (I need to know how small if folds up) so I am trying to figure it out. Next thing I know Jax and Dex are sitting in car seats (Britax no less) pretending they are babies. Ugh. So I tell them to get out and to be still and that I would just be a moment.

I turned my back and was still trying struggling with this stroller when I hear a man shout "GET OUT OF THE WINDOW!". I whip around to see that Dex has climbed into the toy display in the window. I was soooo embarrassed so I apologized to the man (store owner I assume) and hissed to Dex "Get down now!" He was clearly upset at me hissing at him and at the man yelling at him so he just stood there and started to cry.

The window display was made of brightly painted wooden step stools and other primary-coloured toys so I can see why he was attracted to it. So there he stood, crying and crying. At this point the man (who is a large man) starts pushing all the strollers out of the way to get over towards Dex and that scared Dex so he yells MOMMY and JUMPS out of the display, knocking down all of the step stools and toys into the plate glass window. Thankfully nothing broke. I said sorry again and then said to the boys "We are leaving now". The man is mad as hell and is huffing and puffing and trying to get into this window display to pick the stuff up. Then the woman who works there (I guess his wife) comes over and says "WHAT HAPPENED? IS ANYBODY HURT?" I turned to her and said "My children are ok. Thank you so very much for asking". (dripping sarcasm and pointedly looking at fat yelling man). I then herded my kids out, all the while Dex is wailing. Good God! He cried all the way home "I never want to go back to that store!" Poor thing.

What a long drive home only to arrive and hear that ominous message about Jax and pb at school. Oh me oh my what a day.

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