Friday, May 28, 2004

I made the lamest cake for Dex's party. It is just a sheet cake, frosted with white out-of-the-can icing. Then an outline in purple icing of a dinosaur and a #4 candle stuck in it. I am pathetic and he always gets the short end of the stick. Poor boy. We'll see what he says about it in the morning.

We are having record rainfall this week. Figures. So no playing outside tomorrow for Dex's party and I guess I am setting up a pool full of sand IN the house somewhere...ugh.

The new next-door neighbours moved in the pissing rain. I felt bad for them. I went over and introduced myself to them. They have two girls - almost 4 and 2. Too bad no 6 and 4 year old boys. Anyway, they seem nice enough.

Mom told me that when Fiona was born, Chuck Chuck the big dumb F*ck (who is married to my dad's sister) asked her when she was going to have a grandson. Mom said "What are you talking about? I have four grandsons" and he said she had no "real" grandsons because none of my brothers have boys. Then he asked Mom what was wrong with her sons. What an asshole. At least my brothers were able to propagate, you childless cretin.

Geez, I wish I hadn't thought about Chuck TBDF because he always pisses me off. I don't know how my mom has continued to be civil to him after all the years of insensitive, lewd and vulgar things he has said. My dad loathed him and he was not allowed in the house once my dad got sick.

This month will be five years since my dad passed away. I still miss him. Not that I think I ever will not but it is still so painful at times. All the things I wish I could talk to him about. Have him meet my kids. I cannot even talk to my mom about him without getting choked up. I think I have some guilt issues too - because I could not be there when he was sick. Ok, tears...

Ok, back now...

I was not able to talk to mom today about Mickey. I hope he is ok. And I hope that Sean's prognosis is better than they expect. Man, life sucks sometimes.

Jen called today, I sent two little cute sleepers for the twins and she recieved them today. She told me that she will be having a c-section for sure because she has Placenta Previa and also Vasa Previa so there is no way that she can go into labour. One of the babies also has policystic kidney disease and kidney reflux (amazing that they can detect this on the ultrasounds). The doctor says that mostlikely the one kidney with the cysts is not functioning but the baby's overall health should be fine. Jen and Greg have also hired a doula to help them out for the first month. I am sure my MIL will have a lot to say about it once she finds out.

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