Friday, May 07, 2004

Ok, I think we are back to the normal ho-hum days...

Took Cars to the doctor on Wednesday for his 9 month appt. He is 18 pounds and 29" which puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 75th for height. Funny, he doesn't look long and lean.

Jax had school in the morning today which always throws a wrench into the day's schedule. At least Nanny was back so I didn't have to tote a car-load of children to the school for drop off and pick up.

Bought Ramona's b-day present. She is really into rubberstamping/card making so I bought her some rubberstamps that are sayings like best friend, you are wonderful, gag-gag-gag. Actually, they are really nice and remind me of her. I also bought her some stamp pads. I think she will like it.

Leah Ann's b-day is coming up too and I need to make her a bracelet. She sent me these earrings for my birthday that are HUGE. A friend of hers makes her own glass beads and the beads on the earrings are about 1/2 inch in diameter. HUGE. Anyway, I cannot wear them. I will make her a nice bracelet with tiny little beads. lol

Dex chewed his lip bloody and raw on Tuesday night after the window display incident. It is all infected. I had the doctor take a look and she said we needed to make sure we stopped him when we see him chewing it. It looks gross and disgusting. He just asked me for some medicine for it (I put some Carmex on it) then he asked for a bandaid for his lip so he cannot chew it. Poor thing.

Stephen is finally coming home at a normal time tonight. He has been in Seattle most of the week at a conference and hasn't gotten home until after 10 each night and off to work about 6am. The kids haven't seen him and I am so damn tired. I am not sure how
Heidi and Katie do it. I am in awe of them.

Ok, time to get off my duff and do some housework.

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