Saturday, May 22, 2004

Cold miserable day. Two t-ball games to attend in the rain. These kids are so young, I don't know why they didn't call the games. Anyway, I have been cold and wet all day and I want nothing better than to crawl into bed. So why I haven't I? Because I am refuse to go to bed within an hour of my children. Makes my day seem that it was all about them. Just need a little ME time.

After the second t-ball game, I went to Jax's school for my hour of volunteering at the Jamboree. Luckily they were able to move most of the booths indoors due to the bad weather. The weird thing about the school though is that indoors is still outside. You go through the main doors into a "garden area". All of the corridors are open to the sky but have overhangs along the edges so kids do not get wet walking around the school. Anyway, so although I stayed dry attaching prizes in the fishing booth, I was freezing! Stephen then dropped Jax and Dex off at the end of my shift and I let them try all the games. They had a blast!

The climber is about 1/4 built...well maybe more. The hard part is done. Stephen had to dig up the yard a bit to make it level. We are planning to switch the slide to the back so we have a couple of make-shift changes to make but it will still work out. (Do I sound confident??).

My mom is homesick I think. She's been away since the 7th and I think she is ready to go home. It has been a nice visit and I will miss her when she goes. Two more days. The biggest problems we have had is that she wants to do things for me and here I look at her limping around (she pulled a muscle or something at Curves at before she came on her trip and she is having problems walking a lot) and think no way is my mom going to scrub my floors or push the stroller, etc. Anyway, maybe I should just let her do everything since not letting her do these things is a reminder to her that she is getting older.

Jax has a birthday party to go to tomorrow. First bowling, then lunch at a restaurant then cake at the birthday boys' house. I have to try to find the birthday present I bought months ago on clearance.

Cars spit out another dose of antibiotics. One last night and one tonight. I think I need to try giving it to him a little sooner than bedtime.

And speaking of it is mine.

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