Sunday, May 30, 2004

Stephen took Dex to see "Shrek 2" today. Jax refuses to go to the movies (was scared by the LOUD sounds when he was 3 and he will not go back) so I took him shopping with me today. We drove way south, down near the airport so I could hit Toys'R'Us and Babies'R'Us. I bought Dex a guitar(the middle one).

After that we went into Babies'R'Us and I bought a new stroller. Cars is a wiggly-worm and can contort his body and squeeze out of the 3-point harness on our stroller. He is a regular Harry Houdini. I bought an umbrella-type stroller with a 5-point harness. It folds up much more compactly (is that a word? looks weird) than our old one so it fits better in the back of the van too. Boy, if we could afford it I would love to buy a bigger van (how sick is that??).

Gladys Kravitz Watch
The old next-door neighbour came by to "teach" the new next-door neighbours about their new house. He was there for two hours, showing him how the hot tub worked and about each and every plant that was in the garden and how to care for them. The new next-door neighbour looked quite bored by the end. Incidentally, I did not observe this from the Gladys Kravitz Perch but from the street as I watched my kids ride back and forth a zillion times.

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