Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Ok, yet another entry today.

Cute Roof Guy came over today so we could sign the contract for the new roof. We start to chit-chat as he hands me back the signed contact so I mention that XYZ Roofing had a much higher quote. Cute Roof Guy stated that after you add all of the extras to XYZ Roofing's quote that his company includes in their quote, then XYZ Roofing often is pricier. I told him that XYZ Roofing's base price was even higher. An "OH SHIT" look comes across Cute Roof Guy's face. He had based my quote not on actual measurements of my house but on the measurements of our neighbour's house - a house that is the same as ours. Cute Roof Guy never measured my roof.

Cute Roof Guy laughed a nervous laugh and said that he hoped he hadn't made a mistake. I told him I had a signed contract so too bad if they had. We chuckled a bit and then he left. Five minutes later there is a knock at the door. Cute Roof Guy is back with his buddy. "Oh, I am just going to measure the roof because my boss is checking our work", Cute Roof Guy says. Right. Cute Roof Guy is clearly worried that he made a huge mistake. They went up on the roof and measured and left. I guess I will find out later if there was indeed a mistake or not.

Ok, rant time. Y'know what chaps my ass? End of year gifts for teachers. Preschool teachers in particular.

From a mom of a kid in Dex's preschool:

Hi Everyone.

A few of you have asked about end of the year teacher gifts. Here is what I would suggest:

$25/family- This comes out to less $10 per teacher which I think seems like a pretty reasonable amount.

That would give us $120/teacher for a gift from all of the kids. We could do a wonderful gift certificate for each of them. (ie. Nearby Mall)

The other option would be to pick a theme like "You Are My Sunshine" and fill 3 large baskets full of summer stuff from the kids to present to them

Please give me your feedback asap... I would be happy to go and get the certificates.

Then came an UPDATE:

OK-- I have already heard from many of you and so here is where we are:

1. SPA CERTIFICATES- So far, everyone that has responded has voted for the spa option. I have surveyed some "spa-expert" friends and the Redmond Pro Club appears to have an AMAZING SPA. N, K and T could schedule their services a the same time and then meet at the Spa Cafe for lunch. Services also entitle them to use the sauna, steam room,etc... Those I spoke to that have been there describe it as "heavenly"/
2. MONEY- A couple of you have asked if you can contribute more than $25 to make these gifts extra nice. Of course you can. Let's just say this- The suggested donation is $25/child. You can give more or less. It is completely up to you. Just place your check in an envelop and either give it to me in the hallway or leave it for me in the office. I will not be sharing how much anyone gave. I will simply take the total, divide it into thirds and purchse the certificates. Fair enough?

Some want to contribute MORE?? These Stepford wives have more money than brains. Or perhaps the gas fumes they are inhaling as they gas up their SUV's every other day have affected their thinking.

Ok...I am tired and I am going to bed early tonight. Really, I will.

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