Sunday, May 16, 2004

Stayed up too late again last night and now look at me. It is six thirty-eight in the morning and I am up with Cars. I shouldn't complain though because Stephen usually does get up with him in the mornings on the weekend but I figured I could let him sleep in today for once.

The line-up for gas at Costco yesterday stretched out onto the road so I did not get gas. I checked out the prices of gas at the gas stations on the way home and the gas ranged from $2.25 to $2.36 so I am guessing that Costco's price would have been $2.15 or perhaps even a little less. I'll head to the $2.31 place later this morning (not sure if it is worth the drive to save $0.06/gallon).

Jean-Paul IM'd me yesterday and said that they should be arriving this afternoon about 1pm. I figure that really means 2 or 3, since they are stopping at an outlet mall and the casino on the way down. My mom will be freaking out that they are late so maybe she will nag them enough to even get here by then.

I am glad that it worked out that Jean-Paul and Marilyn can drive mom down because that way they can bring down groceries for us. We are out of Smarties, Hickory Sticks, and he is also bring down Canadian Cheez Whiz too. I read on the net somewhere that Canadians eat more Cheez Whiz per capita than any other nation. I don't know if that is something to be proud of or horrified about!

Oh my - I got distracted (not hard to do these days).

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