Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Blah. Nothing new. Another sleepless night last night. Cars' fever finally broke today so hopefully he will sleep tonight. Last night he awoke every 30 minutes then was wide awake crying and fussing from 1:45 until 3am. Well, he was up later but I finally woke Stephen up and said he needed to take over. Cars is also teething so we have that going on too. :(

I started working on stuff for Dex's birthday party. We have decided on a dinosaur theme. He wanted a "spookyhauntedmansion" (yelled quickly with a whine) theme but Stephen convinced him that was not the way to go. Anyway, my plan is to make papier mache dino eggs. Let's see if they work out.

Dex was invited to a playdate at Ramsay's house yesterday. Everyone in their family has a name that starts with an R - Ro, Ra, Re, Ra, Ru. It makes me laugh. Rachel is very nice and one of the few non-Stepford wives at the preschool. Their house is large and beautiful but the backyard is tiny. There are a couple of small playgrounds in their subdivision but a backyard to let the kids run while you make dinner is key!

Stephen golfed this afternoon, did not do well and is in such a pissy mood. I have to laugh because I used to get like that too when I used to play. Nosey Neighbour keeps asking me to go golfing with her but I am not in any rush to get the clubs back out because that pissy feeling will be back after the first hit, I'm sure! lol

My mom arrives in 4 days. The house is a wreck! Oh well, she can help me get it whipped back into shape.

Gladys Kravitz Watch
The guy two doors down bought a new car - a Ford Mustang. His wife says it is something he wanted since he was 14 years old so she agreed to finally let him get it. He so totally does not look like the Mustang type.

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