Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Mom left this morning. Her train for Vancouver leaves at 7:45am so Stephen drove her into Seattle to catch it. She then will stay with JP and fly home tomorrow. We had a good visit overall. She still drives me nuts and always will I suppose. At least we really didn't have any big arguments.

At the psychologist yesterday I asked her to check to see how many visits I have left. Thirteen. I think I will start going every other week so I can stretch them out through the end of the year. I don't know what I will do if we run out and I am still crazy. She charges $120/session after my insurance benefits run out. Eeep!

The climber/swingset is finally complete. Stephen came home from work early yesterday to finish leveling the ground under the monkey bars/swingset support and then staked the whole thing into the ground. Jax promptly fell off the trapeze and bloodied his lip.

I spent a small fortune at
Michael's yesterday. They had two huge bins of ribbon on clearance for $1/spool. I love pretty ribbon. I guess you could say I collect it because I have spools and spools that I always say I will use it for a certain project or to embellish a pretty package/present but I just squirrel them away and look at them from time to time, thinking "This is too pretty to use on a package" or "I could glue this onto the edge of the lamp shade". But I never do either of those things. So now I have dozens of spools of pretty ribbon.

Well all of the kids are now up so I should get on with my day. Time to open the blinds and let the sunshine in!

Gladys Kravitz Watch
The Gladys Perch is great! Once winter arrives I will be able to see further up the street behind us.

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