Saturday, May 08, 2004

Things I learned today:

1. If they call for rain and it looks like rain, best to take a rain coat
2. Never go to Costco at 3 PM unless you like crowds
3. Do not park in the outer lot of Costco if you are without a rain coat on a day they call for rain

We spent the afternoon looking at "play systems" and decided that even though it will take up our whole backyard, we are going to buy the one from Costco. We stopped in to take another look at it before we buy it. It comes in 4 10' boxes plus the slide. Stephen is going to ask the kid across the street to drive him to Costco tomorrow morning and he will fill his truck with gas as payment. Then the cursing and swearing will start as Stephen tries to figure out how to build it.

I haven't been on the computer as much as usual. The forums are starting to bug me. Same whiners over and over again. The two I have gone to the longest are the two that bore me the most right now.

OMG, MSNBC has a show on about Hoarders and it scares me because I have hoarding tendencies. I am sweating while I watch this show. It frightens me. Here are general manifestations of hoarding:

Compulsive acquisition - hoarders acquire extras of things, just in case, more than they'll ever use.

Disorganization - hoarders find organization difficult, so things end up in haphazard piles.

Difficulty discarding** - they really can't throw anything away without severe anxiety.

** Luckily I can discard things like pop cans, food wrappers, etc but I hoard boxes, paper, shopping bags

I guess I come by it honestly. My dad was a hoarder, as much as my mom would let him be.

Ok, I need to go watch the rest of this show. I am scared. Stephen says I am nuts (how right he is).

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