Friday, May 21, 2004

Thursday night Stephen and I went out on a DATE! Well, it wasn't an exciting date but we did get to go to dinner without kids. Then we went birthday present shopping for Dex. We hit several toys stores as well as Target and Fred Meyer.

I finished papier-mache-ing the dino eggs. I hope to have them painted by the end of the weekend. The dino moulds are completed although I did break the skull mould so I had to buy a whole new set to replace it. Bummer and ca-ching. This birthday party is getting more expensive by the minute! The stuff from Oriental Trading Co. arrived today. I think I need to hit the lame dollar store with the stinky man owner to get some bigger dinos.

Jax went to the Zoo today on a field trip. It was cold and wet! Blech! I am so glad that we didn't go along. Fortunately, it didn't rain much, only misted. Anyway, he was so excited to see all the "new animals that I had never seen before". The moose and grizzly bears! I feel bad because we always skip that part of the zoo because I think those animals are not as exciting as the exotic animals from Africa and Asia. lol

Stephen started on the climber today. I helped a little but he was flipping out about the instructions that I just let him rant and stayed away. Dr. Human Factors thinks that all instructions should be perfectly clear. I told him it was, just look at the diagrams. I will brag here a little but I have amazing spatial abilities and easily visualize things in three dimensions (I am a Tetris GodDess). He does not have the same impressive skill (brag brag brag) so he could not "see" one part of it and honestly he spent 40 minutes trying to figure it out. Oh well, we'll just take a little longer than others to put it together. I am surprised that we did not fight about it though - we do not play together well.

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