Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Stephen wants to buy the climber from Costco. I stopped by costco yesterday and they are out of stock right now but their online store has them (at an ONLINE price that is 40% higher!). Anyway, I guess we are going to be digging out our savings to buy one. It will dominate our backyard but that's ok. Less to mow... lol

One of the roofing companies from which we received a bid last year called and said they noticed we did not get a new roof. I asked for a new quote from them. He told me that the prices for plywood have skyrocketed (yes I know...*sigh*). I also emailed another local company to ask for a quote and will get a quote from the place Ash is going to get to do her roof. Their quote was several thousand dollars less than ours but their house has a lot less roof area than ours.

So now I wonder if we should forgo the climber for the roof.

What I need to do really is stop spending money. I stopped by costco to pick up a couple of things (and to take a look at the climber) and left $167 poorer. Everything was $20-$30! Diapers - $30. Vanilla Extract - $20. Ink cartridges for the printer - $30. etc.

Oh the wind just picked up. It is going to storm, I think! THe sky is black now too. Just in time to pick Jax up from school.

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