Sunday, April 11, 2004

Cripes it is hot:

Temperature (ºF) 87.0 43.7 / 91.1 0.2
Humidity (%) 15.4 11.6 / 82.8 1.2

Do you see that temperature? Currently 87, was 91. It is freaking hot! We are not supposed to get this weather ever, nevermind in April! There is enough of a breeze that the downstairs is cool enough but upstairs is hot. Of course our air conditioner is not set up. Grrrr!

Kids had a fun egg hunt this morning. We took a nice family Easter photo this morning. I also took some with my SLR camera so I'll have to wait until I develop the photos to see how they turned out.

Dex is still pretty sick. This morning at 5:15am his temperature was 102F (he let me take his temperature finally). That is really, really high for him since his "normal" temperature is around 96.7F. We've run out of Motrin and he will not eat the Tylenol chew tablets so Stephen has just run out to Safeway to buy more Motrin.

Oh Jax is in need of some mommy time.

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