Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I am so tired. I stayed up way too late last night (1 AM) then Cars had a restless night ergo I did too. I am dragging right now and considering going to bed. Stephen just got home from golfing (golf league started today - every Wed thru mid-Sept) though and I haven't really had a moment to talk to him (he's taking the kids to bed right now).

Today was the last day of the swim session. Jax did great and Dex did really well too. Way better than when they started a few short weeks ago. I will sign them up for one more session with the swim nazi but I think we will not do any during the summer. I can get Dex back in September which Jax is at school then start them back up again next spring after school.

I hot-glued the trim to our lampshades in the bedroom and they look nice. I think it is time to paint the room finally. I might just go with the Charlestown buff (Benjamin Moore HC9) that we have in the hallway down here. It is a nice rich butterscotch tone.

Ok, I can barely keep my eyes open. Off to bed.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Next door neighbours moved out Monday. Today they were back getting more stuff out of their garage. I am dying to find out how much they are putting their house up for sale. I'll keep you posted!

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