Saturday, April 03, 2004

Last night was the Beach Bash at the preschool. It was packed. I should say that when I say preschool it is also now a Christian elementary school going to grade 2 this year and up to grade 4 next. That's why there were so many people there. Jax and Dex had a great time running around doing the limbo. Jax went up alone to get his ice cream. He asked if it were peanut-free. I am so proud of him!

Andrea has still NOT had her baby (well at least the last I heard). Poor girl. She has been in labour since Thursday!

I haven't anything special planned for the boys for Easter. I haven't even done much with Jax's birthday party either. I think I am whacking too many things off the list. We spent three hours at the park yesterday and I think I probably should have been home doing laundry or other housework or party planning. The day was gorgeous though and Jax and Dex rolled down the paths on their skateboards.

The moment my back is turned, Cars runs off and tries to climb the stairs. He can actually climb all the way up them but he does still lose his balance, often when looking back to see if he is being chased. What a monkey!

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