Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Another day another dollar...except that I do not work and so I guess I didn't make a dollar.

We hand delivered most of Jax's b-day invitations today. I ended up making them afterall. Frugal. :) I need to mail one of them and I am not sure how we will deliver the other two without the non-invited kids perhaps finding out about it (these two kids are not listed in the PTSA directory so no home address). We'll figure it out somehow.

Cars has started that oh-so-fun game of throwing things on the floor over and over again. He thinks it is funny and he laughs but if you do not pick it up and give it back to him, he screams. Yikes! He also loves, loves, loves climbing the stairs. He will look at you then take off like a shot and race for the stairs. He pauses long enough to make sure someone is watching him then up-up-up he goes laughing all the way. Dex used to do the same thing although I don't think he started doing it until he was 9 months old. I need a new type of gate because the pressure mounted one is a PITA to get on/off when Jax and Dex want to go upstairs. Or maybe I can just spend a couple of days teaching Cars how to come downstairs backwards so I don't have to worry about him crawling/falling back down them head first. (Bad mom, eh?)

I spoke to Jen (SIL) for almost an hour today. She is 22 weeks along. Doctor told her that by 30 weeks she might expect to be on bedrest and he hopes to keep the twins in until 36 weeks. I hope so too. She will have another ultrasound shortly to have another look at the cyst on Twin B's kidney. Her doc said that often these cysts are nothing and are actually something that is "passed" on from the parents. Jen's kidneys are clear so she wants Greg to have his checked out. She mentioned to MIL that perhaps Greg "passed on" the cyst and MIL got her back up and said that Greg has never had any problems with his kidneys. LOL Typical MIL reaction (any MIL, not just ours). MIL also said "I won't believe it until I see it". She also said that to me when I asked her how exciting to be having twin girls in the family. Poor Jen!

Speaking of babies, the more I look at Princess Fiona (as I have started calling her since Katie mentioned "Shrek" in my blahg comments - lol) the more I think that maybe she looks a little tiny bit perhaps like my kids (above the nose only). The nose/mouth is definitely all Andrea.

Shit. The 11 o'clock news just started and the lead story is that today, a dozen US Marines have been killed and dozens are injured. I feel sick for those people's families. I feel sick for the Iraqis who are living this hell.

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