Monday, April 12, 2004

Dex finally is fever-free but he is still feeling out of sorts. Very whiny and clingy. Poor thing.

The swim nazi called this morning and said since so many people are away for spring break this week then Dex could join the 11am class for this week so I would not have to make two trips to the pool. Whoo-hoo! It worked out really well for us today. She said she is trying to shift some people around so Dex can be in the 9:30 class for next session (Jax will be at 9). That would be great. After that, I don't know if I will keep them or sign them up for classes at the Y. I will probably put them back in again in Sept.

It is quite a bit cooler today than yesterday. It has been overcast most of the day. It is about 60 here right now but the sun is shining so it is very pleasant. I have a terrible migraine today so we are not out enjoying the sunshine.

Off to see the psychologist shortly. Wonder when I will be done being crazy.

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