Sunday, April 25, 2004

Gorgeous day again today. I think we are going to have a wonderful summer!

Stephen's b-day today. I got him some herbs for the garden and the kids wanted to buy him some coffee and some "music" so we picked up a Jessica Simpson cd. lol He is ga-ga over her and I like to remind him that she is young enough to be his daughter which then grosses him out.

I am going to make him a Lazy Daisy cake shortly. He is having his favourite pizza for dinner (it has chicken on it- gross!).

Yesterday I took Jax to a b-day party at a roller-skating rink. He had a good time but did get a blister on his foot from his new blades. He got the blades at Christmas but had not used them at all. I think he fell about 100 times but he just popped back up and kept on going. He is a very determined child.

Dex had his first t-ball game yesterday. I missed it because we were at the birthday party but Stephen said he did well and Dex said he had a great time.

Cars started saying Ma-ma and Ba-ba the other day. Not that either means anything, especially since he does not do bottles. And he says ma-ma for anything. But he is definitely making those speech sounds and it is exciting to hear.

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Next door neighbours are almost ready to put the house on the market. They spent most of yesterday digging up the plants they want to take with them (a lilac bush and some hydrangeas). I noticed they also took down all of the shelves they had built in the garage. It seemed like an awful lot of time/energy to do it!

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