Saturday, April 10, 2004

Looks like Dex has what Gav had last week. He keeps spiking a fever (not sure what his temp is because he will not let me take his temp but he is burning!) but no other symptoms (i.e. vomitting, diarrhea). He is just miserable when his temperature gets up there and it takes a good hour or so after Motrin before he starts feeling better.

During one of his feel good hours, we took the kids to swimming at the Y. Well, Stephen went in with them while I held Cars. Only Jax and Dex are members but parents can swim free for kids under 5. I may sign Cars up in the fall so we all can go swimming during the winter. And perhaps Cars and I may take a mommy and me learn to swim class.

Anyway, the kids were able to show off their new swimming skills to Stephen. It was HOT here today so swimming was good. Then Stephen took Jax to his tball game because Dex's fever came back and he slept for an hour.

Tomorrow is Easter. I did not finish reading "The Purpose Driven Life" during this Lenten period. I am struggling so much with my faith these days. I think I may take a "Returning Catholics" class at the church. Stephen is not interested at all in returning. He has so many issues with the church and refuses to give them another cent of his money. So of course I am struggling with the fact that his money is our money is my money. (see the conflict?)

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