Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Stephen is working late and I should be making the kids some dinner but I don't feel much like it. The house is a wreck. The kitchen should be condemned and I am three loads behind in folding laundry. Again, I have whacked too many things off my list. Time to get BACK ON TRACK.

I was speaking to one of the other kindergartener moms today. Her eldest daughter has a peanut allergy and she had an anaphylactic reaction to one of the free cookies that they give away to al the kids at Safeway. Well that is one more treat that Jax can no longer have. Bugger.

The swim nazi wants to move Jax into a 9am class on MW. I cannot decide which is better. Being rushed to get out the door in the morning for that class or being rushed when we get home at 11:18 to make, and eat lunch and catch the bus at 11:42. Hmmm...what to do what to do...

I suppose I should go make dinner.

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