Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Ok my post from last night disappeared somewhere...

It was nothing really. Just posting about how proud I am of Jax who is now riding his bike without training wheels. He is such a big boy now. ~sniff~

Did a little retail therapy this evening. Just bought some scrapbooking stuff (cardstock) and seom toiletry items. Oh and some beaded trim that I am thinking about hot-gluing to the lampshades in the bedroom. I spent almost an hour in Joann's just wandering around. I wish I had gone south rather than north so I could have gone to Pacific Fabrics instead. They have a much larger selection of fabrics, especially decorator fabrics.

Cars has been nursing like crazy lately. I think he is teething and is using me as a pacifier. The bonus for me is that I have lost 4 pounds over the past few days. :)

Jax got in trouble on the bus again today. He and Gav were horsing around again. This pisses me off because I do not want them to sit near each other on the bus. I have told Jax that. I have told the bus driver that. Anyway, I will not allow Jax to take the bus tomorrow or Thursday and I am not going to let him go to lunch at Gav's anymore on T/TH. He will just have to suck it up and come with me while I pick Dex up from school and forget taking the bus. He can eat his lunch in the parking lot at the preschool. Ash says she is not going to take Gav off the bus for a day or more as punishment because that is punishment for her - having to drive him herself. *sigh*

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