Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Back to spring-like weather today. It was so beautiful that I packed Dex and Cars in the double jogger and walked to pick Jax up from school today. So lovely!

Friggin forums have been down all day and barely working before that. It is driving me NUTS. Aaargh. How will I know what is going on? lol I hope they are up later today.

My skin is sooooo bad right now. Probably because I am not eating properly. I am wondering if ProActiv Solution would work for me and if it would be worth investing in. Ugh, I am 39 yet I have the zits of a 15 year old!

Stephen is golfing in the golf league tonight. This evening is going to be soooo long. I am so tired because Cars was up from 3-4am and probably later but I was so mad I just dumped him in his crib and climbed back in my bed so Stephen had to get up with him then and they spent the rest of the night in the bed in Cars' room. I guess they slept...

Gladys Kravitz Watch:
Nosey neighbour up the street signed the papers to have her roof done. She contacted about a dozen different companies and seriously compared four of them. She got on the internet and looked up bonds and liens against the companies and the number of complaints filed with the State Attn'y General's office and the BBB. She decided on the company that called me the other day. At least I know they are a good company. She also has me seriously considering putting up new cedar shakes vs composition because the composition would require plywood and the cost of lumber has skyrocketed. Her quote was about 25% less for cedar shakes whereas in the past shakes were always about 50% more.

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