Monday, April 26, 2004

Ok, it is hot today. Enough of this 85 degree weather. I think perfect weather would be 75 and sunny.

It was too damn hot to sit under the bubble at Dex's swim lesson today. Jax's lesson moved to 9am so it was bearable then. I am also very grateful that I do not have to take Jax to tball practice today. That's Stephen's job today (since I go to see my psych).

Jax has informed me that he is going to be a country singer when he becomes "a man". Ugh. I'd rather he be a rap star!

Cars did not sleep well last night so I didn't either. He was wide awake at 6am and I was still tired so I let him crawl around on the floor. He pulled all of the books off my shelf and ripped the covers off my magazines. Then Stephen got out of the shower and said he would take him downstairs until I get out of the shower. Hello! I wasn't even going to get out of bed yet never mind have a shower so I barked at both of them and I was in a completely crabby mood for the next hour.

Shoot, Cars pooped again and we need to get ready to pick Jax up from school. His timing is impeccable.

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