Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today was a very low-key day. At least for me. :) Stephen and Jax were up at 6AM for Jax's hockey game and Cars, Dex and I got to sleep in. Cars was still not doing well this morning (slight fever) but this evening he seems much better. Thank God for antibiotics!

I made some jewellery today and puttered around my craft/crap/hoarding room. Then we had a mortgage guy come by because we are refinancing our mortgage. He "owed" us a "free" re-fi because he screwed up with the interest rate when we bought this house (he did not lock in the rate so we paid more than we were expecting so it was an unpleasant surprise when we were signing the papers for the closing). Anyway, we will save a good amount each month by refinancing now so I did not mind or get embarrassed when Stephen gave the guy the business when he came by today and made him clarify things over and over and over again. ;)

Now I am off to surf the web for Christmas carols to learn to play on the guitar.

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