Friday, November 27, 2009

I don't call myself an animal lover but I do have respect for animals. I never "got" how people would cry over animals. I don't mean pets because of course people love their pets and their pets love them, but I mean people crying over squirrels or dead raccoons on the side of the road, etc. But, for the past two years when I read about polar bears I cry. I mean really cry! I cry when I read that airplanes and boats spot the bears swimming miles and miles from shore or any ice flow, knowing that the bears will probably drown before they get to something they can climb on. Stories of emancipated bears and rumours that the melting ice in the Arctic will make them become extinct.

Here is yet another story about the lack of ice for polar bears:
Much less stable ice for polar bears, expert says

Then I read stories like this ("Alaska fights to reverse polar bear listing") and I get irrationally mad. I may have to become an animal activist!!

Edited to add a new polar bear headline that I found this morning:
Starving Polar Bears Turn To Cannabalism :'(

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