Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cars is sick again. It started yesterday with a headache, cough and fever. He seemed ok this morning after we dosed him up with Advil so we decided to go to the Sony store in Seattle. We got on the highway then Cars announced that he thought he was going to throw up. Since we were in Stephen's car - he floored it and we got off the next stop. Cars did not throw up after all but he held a plastic bag on his lap as we head back home. No school for him tomorrow.

So, I then headed to Seattle myself and I bought a new laptop. Now I have to set it up but I am very excited about it. Dude, I cannot wait to get rid of this Dell. (we'll probably just reformat it and keep it for the kids use for homework).

This morning I was reading PostSecret and I am sure that I know who sent in this secret. The drawing of the Madonna is very, very similar in style to the Madonna icons that a woman at my church paints. So, I have decided that it is her secret. ;) I don't know her very well at all or else I would ask her.

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