Monday, November 23, 2009

My next-door neighbour is having some work done on her house. Actually, it is her detached garage. They ripped off the second floor loft and built a bigger second story which they will use as a game room and "guest" room. The construction has been going on for about three weeks and since we live in a cul-de-sac the trucks and tractors and trailers have been a little in the way of me backing out of my driveway. In fact, one day I had to head to Spy's to pick up Dex after a playdate but my driveway was completely blocked and I could not get out at the time I needed to do so (fortunately, Spy was able to bring Dex home).

Today was the second worse day. First this this morning there was a pickup truck parked on one side of our driveway. Stephen was miffed but he was able to get around it. I was able to get out too but when I came back home, there was another pickup truck parked on the other side of the driveway and I could just barely squeeze my minivan through. I was irritated but not enough do make a big deal about it, knowing that this construction would soon end.

Later, my neighbour called me and apologized to me for the trucks blocking our driveway and said she was going to give the contractor hell for it. I told her it was not a big deal but I would prefer if they did not block my driveway (it has also been hard getting my garbage and recycling bins out and accessible to the garbage trucks). Anyway, my neighbour told me that if the situation were reversed, she would be plenty pissed off. And she would be. She would be out there yelling at the contractors to move and then telling off the neighbour who was having the work done.

Anyway, I am just looking forward to the work being done in her house and the trucks gone. And hope that when we have workers come to our house, they don't block her driveway!

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