Saturday, November 07, 2009

Having very close online friends is very difficult concept for people who do not frequent forums, message boards and chat rooms to understand. They think how can you call someone you have never met a friend? Now, I was fortunate to have met Shelly IRL (in real life) but even if we had never met, we would still have been great friends. We shared joys and sorrows and laughs. Shelly was very generous with her time and always found the time to answer people when they posted and needed some advice or an ear.

At one time,'s stay-at-home parents forum was a very special place. Besides Shelly, I met many other really great people...friends. We were in touch daily and were great support to each other through pregnancies and births, deaths and divorces, first steps and first days of school. And forum wars (one cannot forget about those! ;)

All of these years later, I am so happy to continue to call them my friends. Many of us have kept in touch (in delphiforums) and also on facebook. And still others through blogs.

So, for your support, friendship and love throughout the years, I thank you - Shelly/Raingirl*, Mar*, Chris/Snapper, Kris, Krista, Christa/Honey, Jill, Katy, Katie, Lynn, Tabitha, Sheila, Silvia, kk, Stacy, Heidi*, Pley/Tracy, Robin, Beth*, Sarah*, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah (that makes me laugh), Paula, L'Rae* and Kimmer. I am sure I have forgotten someone. And while I know many of those names listed do not actually read my blah, I shall make sure I thank them elsewhere. You guys rock!

* Those whom I have met IRL

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