Thursday, November 19, 2009

I volunteered at the school today for 3 hours. The first hour was in Cars' classroom. I listened to the kids read books that they took home and practiced. It was so cute! I also had to ask some of the kids to name five things they like and five things they dislike. It was sweet when some of the kids would say they could not think of more than one or two things they did not like.

After being in the class, I worked in the supply room doing "production" work. Basically that meant cutting out shaped pieces for the kindergarten classes for two hours! I have a blister on my thumb! I did get trained to use the laminator which is a big deal because in the past few years only staff have been allowed to touch the laminator.

The kids brought home their report cards today. I was pleased with them except for Dex's behaviour. He fancies himself the class clown and he does not know when to use his humour at appropriate times. Well, he is learning and I hope his behaviour continues to improve. His teacher seems no-nonsense and it is a big class (30 kids!) so no doubt she has no time for his one liners all of the time. *sigh* The conference with her tomorrow should be interesting.

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