Monday, November 16, 2009

Shout It Out Loud

Stephen took Jax and Dex to see KISS at Key Arena in Seattle last night. They went with two other dads and their 11 year old sons as well. Everyone enjoyed it but all agreed that it was not the type of concert they would never have to see more than once.

Before the concert, they went to dinner at a restaurant near the arena. There, they ran into our next-door neighbours. Kind of remarkable considering the restaurant is over 20 miles from our house (and the neighbours were not going to the concert). However, last July when Stephen took the kids to see Green Day at Key Arena, they went to the same restaurant and our next-door neighbours on the OTHER SIDE were there. Isn't that so weird?

Anyway, Stephen is thinking about taking the boys to see Bon Jovi in February. I wonder who they will see at McMenamins then?

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