Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cars' staph infection is looking a little less red and sore today which is good. Tonight, I had him soak in Tree Tea Oil (thanks for the suggestion, Lynn).

I totally forgot that I was to drop off a case of water for the teachers' luncheon at the school today. I bought the water on Monday morning and had been driving around with it in my car. I thought briefly about dropping it off yesterday when I took Cars to school but decided against it. It was to be dropped off this morning by 10:30am and I figured last night I would just drop it off about 9am. Well, this morning I gave not one thought to it while I went about my day. Suddenly, at 12:15pm I was driving home (from working out and costume store as I needed an Abraham Lincoln hat and beard for Jax's biography tomorrow) I remembered that I forgot to drop it off! I raced into the school all stinky and sweaty, interrupting the luncheon to drop off the case. Thankfully, they actually did have enough water already. I am blushing just thinking about it! Aargh! My worst nightmare - being late for something!

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